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Conference Proceedings in Humanities Commons

Presenters at MLA Annual Meetings are encouraged to self-deposit their slides, handouts, and other materials into Humanities Commons (HC), an online repository for research in all humanities disciplines. Deposit to HC began with materials from the 2018 MLA Portland meeting.

Depositing work in HC will benefit presenters in a number of ways:

  • Materials deposited into HC will be there forever -- as a repository, they are committed to hosting these materials for the long term. Their preservation work is being done in conjunction with Columbia University, so we know we can rely on them as a partner here.
  • Signing up and depositing your work is entirely free!
  • Your MLA presentations will be available to the public alongside any other research you may want to share.
  • Every deposit will receive a DOI, making it easier for researchers in the future to always find your work.
  • You can post your work to related groups, like members of AMS and other affinity groups in your research area.
  • Files of up to 100 MB can be uploaded to HC. Even larger files may be accommodated with permission.

All materials posted to HC under the Music Library Association umbrella are governed by the MLA Code of Conduct.

How to Deposit

To deposit your work, please follow the steps below. We particularly ask you to make sure that you add the tag muslib2019 to all conference-related submissions - this will allow anyone visiting HC to view all of the conference materials together!

  1. Create an HC account if you do not already have one:
  2. Join the music librarians group: (If you do not join the group, you can still submit, but you won't be able to share your submission with music librarian members. You can join other groups you're interested in as well - there are musicology and digital humanities groups just to name a few).
  3. Upload your work to CORE, the repository of HC:
  4. Share your work with up to five groups that you are a member of; groups where you share it will see your submission in the group feed and members will see it in their daily digest.
  5. Add subjects from the controlled list of available subject (start typing to see available types).
  6. Enter up to five tags for your work. All submissions must have muslib2019 as a tag to be identified as a conference presentation!
  7. Use the notes field to include your abstract and links to any ancillary materials hosted elsewhere that you reference in your presentation. Abstract and title information for your presentation are available on the conference program:
  8. Choose a license for your work and submit!

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