Strategic Plan: Technology

Goal Area: Technology

Strategic Planning Implementation Team 6 Draft Report

Goal Statement: MLA makes effective use of technology to achieve its mission.

Objective 1: Develop a plan to improve and sustain the Association’s information technology infrastructure and expertise in order to better support the work of MLA officers and groups.

Evidence of Success: MLA has an active social media presence.

By 2015:

  1. MLA provides training and professional development opportunities through webcasts and other web-based workshops.
  2. Audio and/or video recordings of MLA conference sessions are available on the web.
  3. MLA ballots are issued and managed online.
  4. MLA makes available information in the most current and used media formats; websites, mobile devices, etc.

For 2012–2013:

  1. Since the Dallas meeting website is hosted on (as was the Philadelphia meeting), and after Philadelphia we were able to post handouts and photos from the meeting, making an audio (at least) and possibly even a video recording of one or two MLA conference sessions available on the website should be a reasonable pilot.
  2. MLA ballots are issued and managed online. — this is already the case!

Objective 2: Provide systems that support collaboration among members and that permit direct and timely publication of approved content to the web.

Evidence of Success:

By 2015:

  1. Individuals and groups in MLA's administrative structure have hosted and supported access to online collaborative workspace and other tools to do the business of the Association.
  2. Individuals and groups in MLA's administrative structure have the technical capability to directly publish approved content on the web.

For 2012–2013:

  1. Before any authentication and authorization can take place to achieve this kind of structured access, the Administrative Structure needs to be fixed and brought completely up-to-date. Make this a PRIORITY of the Association!


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