Strategic Plan: Value of the Profession

Goal Area: Value of the Profession

Strategic Planning Implementation Team 2 Draft Report

Goal Statement: MLA’s activities are relevant to current issues in librarianship and music, and non-members understand the mission and goals of the Association.

Evidence of Success: MLA’s activities are relevant to current issues in librarianship and music.

Objective 1: Increase the visibility of MLA among library and music organizations, individual scholars, musicians and librarians.

By 2015:

  1. Outside organizations look to MLA for information on current music or librarianship issues.
  2. Presentations at MLA conferences and papers in MLA-sponsored publications are cited in works on relevant issues.
  3. Pages on MLA's web site are high in search engine rankings on relevant issues.

Action items proposed:

For 2012–2013:

  1. Develop consistent policy and workflows for archiving of conference presentations
  2. Develop a systematic method whereby program chairs accept presentations that are of interest outside of MLA (branch out from roundtables, etc.) choosing one or two highlighted conference presentations with broader reach
  3. Post links to the MLA website from web pages of other organizations
  4. Reevaluate the roles and expectations of liaison positions.
  5. Add liaisons for Educause, Association of Moving Image Archivists, others (?)
  6. Determine what mechanisms are in place for determining analytics for the website
  7. Investigate methods for improving relevancy rankings
  8. Assign representatives (possibly the corresponding liaison) to recruit presenters/presentations from other organizations/meetings to invite to MLA meeting
  9. Best of chapters model – put forward papers/presentations of exceptional quality and content to appear in other venues/conferences and coordinate efforts beyond pushing CFPs on MLA-L
  10. Organize efforts to ensure that articles on music/librarianship topics are submitted to targeted (high impact) peer reviewed journals or other publications outside of MLA
  11. Perhaps coordinated by Publicity officer/Outreach Committee

By 2015:

  1. Rebrand all MLA-generated reports as series, all in one place, and keep current (e.g., committee reports (esp. in area of librarianship, e.g., discovery tools and music), technical reports)

Objective 2: Increase the visibility of MLA to media organizations and social media networks.

Evidence of Success: People outside of MLA understand the mission and goals of the Association

Action items proposed:

For 2012–2013:

  1. Establish what goals would be accomplished by having a Facebook page or other social media campaigns (Twitter, Wikipedia, blogs, YouTube)
  2. Develop a media contacts list for library and music related press venues
  3. Develop a contact list of library/archives professionals working in high-profile organizations in the music or performing arts arenas and perform outreach to those individuals
  4. Establish and develop a communications officer for MLA, who issues press releases and cultivates press contacts
  5. Make certain local arrangements committees are pushing conference to local media outlets (Ongoing)

Objective 3: Use new technologies to build greater public awareness, understanding and support for the Association, music libraries and music librarianship.

Action items proposed:

For 2012–2013:

  1. Begin a blog addressing issues relevant to music and performing arts librarianship
  2. Create a list of in-house (association) experts (knowledge management) for the Association
  3. Investigate models/strategies of how other organizations or institutions are using YouTube and other social media and how those messages are being packaged
  4. Have a vetting process for videos and/or blog posts to move forward with official blessing or appoint a committee/representative to monitor/populate blogs
  5. Establish and develop communications/POO officer for MLA
  6. Tie YouTube, other social media into other organizations, entities, stakeholders

Other questions/considerations:

  1. How are the relevant/current issues in music and librarianship identified?
  2. Is Objective three simply an extension of Objective two? How are those objectives delineated?
  3. What will stand as evidence of success for Objective three?

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