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MLA Survey of Personnel Characteristics 
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Title of Research:
MLA Survey of Personnel Characteristics

Mark Puente
Coordinator of Digital Projects/Special Collections
Music Library
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Susannah Cleveland
Head Librarian
Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives
Bowling Green State University 

This research project will replicate the 1997 study conducted by the Working Group Surveying Music Library Personnel Characteristics of the Music Library Association (MLA) with some revisions to the original instrument to address the needs for clarification and additional study articulated by the working group.  The study seeks to ascertain the degree to which this personnel profile has changed in the last decade and to test theories about how the profession has evolved since the original study.  Simultaneously, the current demographic make-up of the profession will be studied and compared to the results of the original survey in order to ascertain trends in representation of ethnic minorities in music and fine-arts librarianship.  These numbers will be contrasted with national trends in the library and information profession and to representation of traditionally underrepresented ethnic minority groups in the constituencies we serve.

Participation in the study is completely voluntary and anonymous.  You need not be a member of MLA to participate.  Participation is encouraged from anyone interested in music and performing arts librarianship. The survey will be available to respondents from January 30, 2009 to March 16, 2009.  Data analysis for the study will take place in early 2009.  Results will be made readily available to the MLA Board, membership, and all interested parties.  Dissemination of results will be made through presentations and publications contingent upon acceptance of proposals and abstracts for those events.

Risks and discomforts
There are no known risks associated with this research.

Potential benefits
The study will produce data that will serve as a snapshot for current music librarianship.  Such a picture will help students considering the profession to have a better understanding of the current field, will guide music librarians in presenting a clearer assessment of the specific needs of music libraries to their administrations, and will help the Music Library Association to explore specifc tactics to foster diversity within the organization.

All information gathered from the study will remain confidential. Participation is completely anonymous; your e-mail address and name will not be requested, and as such, your identity as a participant can not be disclosed to any unauthorized persons.  Further, no institutional affiliations or identifying personal details will be shared in presentations or publications that result from the survey.

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Approved – BGSU HSRB – Effective 10/2008/ Expires  10/2009 (renewed 10/2009 and 10/2010)


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