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Wednesday, June 22, 2016
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beethovenPatricia Stroh, "Beethoven in the Auction Market: A Twenty Year Review"," Notes 63, no. 3 (March 2007): 533-564.

In November 1827, Beethoven's estate containing music autographs, books, furniture, and other personal items sold at auction on behalf of the beneficiary, his nephew Karl.... The lots that excited greatest demand might surprise today's auctioneers. For example, Beethoven's autograph score for the Fifth Symphony sold for only one florin more than its appraised value of five florins. ... Thus began an active and sometimes erratic trade in Beethoven manuscripts and other treasures that, in spite of dwindling supplies, continues today.


shelves of booksMichael Saffle, "Self-Publishing and Musicology: Historical Perspectives, Problems, and Possibilities," Notes 66, no. 4 (June 2010): 726-738.

Since the invention of movable type more than five hundred years ago, the terms "publishing" and "self-publishing" have meant quite different things at various times and to various individuals. Although publishers - once known as "congers," "stationers," or "undertakers" - have existed for centuries, publishing as an activity has never been altogether synonymous with duplicating and distributing the written word...


stereo time recordsD. J. Hoek, "Documenting the International Avant Garde: Earle Brown and the Time-Mainstream Contemporary Sound Series," Notes 65, no. 3 (March 2009): 475-486.

Upon Earle Brown's death in July 2002, newspapers ... memorialized Brown's contributions to contemporary music. ...As a producer of the Contemporary Sound Series for the Time and Mainstream record companies from 1960 through 1973, however, Brown made notable recordings of avant-garde music...


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