MLA Citation

The MLA Citation, the Association's tribute for lifetime achievement, is awarded in recognition of distinguished service to music librarianship over a career. Citation recipients become Honorary Members of the Music Library Association.


2018: Geraldine Ostrove

A vocal advocate for music and music librarianship throughout her long and distinguished career, and passionately devoted to the Music Library Association, her style, grace, eloquent and persuasive prose have graced many pages of publications, and her broad vision of the application of music subject headings and form/genre information will be influential for generations to come. Highly visible and active within various library and scholarly organizations, she has served MLA, most notably as president from 1985 to 1987; in IAML, as vice president of its Bibliography Commission and president of the U.S. Branch. She was the founding author of the “Recent Publications in Music” column, which appeared in Fontes Artis Musicae (1989–2012), a global bibliography of music publications that many found useful for collection development purposes.        

In recognition of her career-long contributions, specifically in clarifying the complex nature and application of music subject headings, as well as the separate treatment of music form and genre in subject cataloging, the Music Library Association is pleased to confer upon Geraldine (“Gerry”) E. Ostrove, the MLA Citation.



2017: Morris Martin

"In a career spanning more than 42 years, he served as a staunch advocate for music librarianship and a mentor for generations of music librarians who have benefited from his wise counsel, unfailing support, and encyclopedic knowledge of music sources. He worked tirelessly to build impressive music collections that cut across traditional boundaries of genre and category with a genuinely democratic sensibility. An able and adept administrator, he always instilled in his staff and students the paramount importance of serving the public, a quality also manifested in his own daily dealings with others.

Having served as MLA Newsletter editor and as one of the founders of MLA’s Texas Chapter, he was also active in the organization’s efforts to promote education for music librarianship.

Recognizing the profound impact he has had on so many people over forty years as librarian, teacher, colleague, friend, as well as supporter of MLA and our profession, the Music Library Association is pleased to confer upon Morris Martin the MLA Citation."



2016: David Gilbert

"He has served the profession as editor, leader, mentor, and visionary. Over 25 years as a music librarian at institutions both large and small, he has diligently maintained a standard of service and scholarship in spite of challenges, which remains a model to others. In 30 years as an MLA member he has served on the Board of Directors, edited the Music Review column for Notes, chaired a strategic planning task force, acted as IAML liaison, and was one of the Association’s first Sustaining Members.

An enthusiast of French music, he has edited and written prefaces for new editions of scores and provided pre-concert talks for an engaged public.  A tireless advocate for new librarians and diversity in the profession, he has mentored both music and library school students and helped launch the ARL/MLA Diversity & Inclusion Initiative. Attentive to his patrons and professionally generous to his fellow music librarians, his quiet yet consistent support has made a lasting impact on music librarianship and the future of the Music Library Association. The Music Library Association is pleased to confer upon David Gilbert the MLA Citation." 



Past recipients

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Eva Judd O'Meara



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