Directory of Library School Offerings in Music Librarianship: Introduction

11th Edition, January 2018


Since 1985, the Music Library Association has issued its Directory of Library School Offerings in Music Librarianship with two audiences in mind: prospective music librarians in search of programs of higher education that will prepare them for a career in our profession, and educators and career counselors who are assisting these prospective music librarians.

The Directory, now in its 11th edition, lists programs offered by institutions of higher education in the United States and Canada. Entries are arranged by geographic region, and then alphabetically within those divisions by institution name.

Each entry includes information on:

  • contact names with telephone numbers and mail and email addresses
  • web addresses for the library school program and the affiliated music program
  • curricular offerings related to music librarianship
  • continuing education programs
  • distance learning opportunities

Indexes provide quick access to institutions offering double degree programs, those offering the master's degree in library science with a concentration in music, those offering courses in music librarianship and music materials, those accepting music course credits towards the library degree, those offering continuing education, and those offering distance learning opportunities.

In preparation for this 11th edition, emails were sent to representatives of library school programs currently accredited by the American Library Association. Each representative reviewed the entry published in the tenth edition (2013) and either updated the information or submitted an entirely new entry. The emails were sent in April, 2017, and responses were received between April and June 2017. In a few cases, no response was received to the email or the follow-up attempts; for these, we deleted the entry rather than carrying over information from the 2013 edition.

Readers are encouraged to consult the websites of individual programs for updated information on curricular offerings and contact information.

This edition was prepared with technological support and assistance from MLA Web Editor Katie Buehner.

Marci Cohen
Boston University
MLA Education Committee



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