Submission Guidelines for Index & Bibliography Series


  • Proposals should explain the topic, scope, methodology, and purpose of the publication, taking into account the criteria for evaluation under "Review" below.
  • Include a generous selection of sample entries from each list and index that will be included in the final publication, including entries that illustrate variant or problematic entries.


  • Include an abstract describing the content and function of the work.
  • Style should conform to the Chicago Manual of Style,16th edition. Follow chapter 14, "Documentation I: Notes and Bibliography," for bibliographic citations.


Proposals and manuscripts will be evaluated by the editor and publisher (and in most cases by external reviewers) using the following criteria:

  • Access: Are the guidelines for use of the work sensible and clearly defined?
  • Accuracy: Is the text free of errors of content and style?
  • Annotations: Is the length and content of annotations consistent throughout the work?
  • Audience: Who will be using the work? Is it of narrow or broad interest?
  • Clarity: Are preface, introduction, and explanations written clearly and succinctly?
  • Longevity: What is the lifespan of the work?
  • Relevance: How does this work compare with others of its type, coverage, or area?
  • Treatment: Is the topic appropriately defined and developed?


Submit proposals and manuscripts as MS-Word, Rich Text Format, or Open Document Format files to:

Maristella Feustle
Editor, MLA Index and Bibliography Series


Music Library Association 1600 Aspen Commons Suite 100 Middleton, WI 53562

608-831-8200 FAX
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