MLA Emergency Relief Fund

Given the fragility of some of our members’ jobs and livelihoods due to COVID-19, the MLA Board has agreed to seed a temporary relief fund. Any current member of MLA would be eligible to apply for an emergency grant: full-time librarians, paraprofessionals, part-time library workers, students, retirees etc. Our most vulnerable populations, including students, paraprofessionals, and part-time workers are especially encouraged to apply.

Members may apply for one-time grants of up to $1,000. Applications should include membership level and a statement of need (including but not limited to loss of income/furlough, housing instability, lack of connectivity [internet/phone], healthcare expenses, and/or caregiving responsibilities).

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and applicants will be notified within 10 business days of applying.

Grants will be disbursed for up to two years depending on need.

Recipients would not need to report on how the money was spent or submit receipts, though for grantees receiving $600 or more, a W-9 form must be completed.

A task force will review applications: Lindsay Brown and Sara White (Development Committee), Steve Landstreet (Advocacy Committee), and Terry Lewis (Membership Committee).

The fund will be seeded with $10,000 from the Board, and $1,000 from Susannah Cleveland and Lindsay Brown as a challenge to other donors. As this fund is not an endowment, it does not need to reach $50,000, and members are encouraged to give generously. Any unused funds after two years will be reverted to MLA.

For more information, see the MLA Emergency Relief Fund FAQs page.


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