MLA Editors

Basic Manual Series

Kathleen A. Abromeit, Series Editor (appointed 2017)

Editorial Board: Sandi-Jo Malmon (2016), Scott Stone (2016), Carla Williams (2016).


Basic Music Library

Daniel Boomhower, Editor (appointed 2006)

Editorial Board: Edward Komara (2006), Amanda Maple (2006), Liza Vick (2006).


Copyright Web Site

Marci Cohen (appointed 2016)


Index and Bibliography Series

Maristella Feustle (appointed 2017)


Music Cataloging Bulletin

Christopher Holden (appointed 2015)



Michelle Hahn (appointed 2015)



Deborah Campana (appointed 2015)

Editorial staff:  Kathleen Abromeit, Lindsay J. Brown, Paul Cary, Matt Ertz, Manuel Erviti, R. Michael Fling, Richard Griscom, Stephen Henry, Martin D. Jenkins, Stephen L. Mantz, James Procell, Anne Shelley, Patricia Stroh.


Open Access Editor

Kathleen DeLaurenti (appointed 2017)


Technical Reports and Monographs in Music Librarianship

Jonathan Sauceda (appointed 2016)


Editors Job Descriptions

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Technical Reports and Monographs DOCX (15.97 KB) Administration 12/12/2016
Notes Editor DOCX (17.42 KB) Administration 12/12/2016
Copyright Web Editor DOCX (18 KB) Administration 12/12/2016
Music Cataloging Bulletin Editor DOCX (19.94 KB) Administration 12/12/2016
Open Access Editor DOCX (15.4 KB) Administration 12/12/2016
Newsletter Editor DOCX (19.69 KB) Administration 12/12/2016
Index and Bibliography Series Editor DOCX (15.81 KB) Administration 12/12/2016

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