Lenore Coral/US-RILM Fund

The Lenore Coral/US-RILM Fund was established to honor the work of Lenore Coral, who served as Director of the US-RILM Office from 1984 until her death in 2005. The US-RILM Office oversees the submission of citations and abstracts for scholarly works published in the United States to the RILM database, and is supported by several scholarly associations (AMS, CMS, MLA, IAML-US, SAM, SMT). When fully endowed, income from the Lenore Coral Fund will cover MLA's contribution to the US-RILM Office's operations

Lenore F. Coral (1939–2005) was head of the Sidney Cox Library for Music and Dance and professor of music at Cornell University. Prior to her time at Cornell, Lenore was Fine Arts Librarian at the University of California, Irvine (1967–1972), and the first fulltime librarian of the Mills Music Library at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (1972–1982).

Lenore was active and influential in several professional and scholarly organizations. She was a founding member of the Music OCLC Users Group (MOUG), and served MLA in many capacities: as president (1987–89), as editor of the Technical Reports series (1976–82), and for many years as the chair of the Legislation Committee. Lenore’s efforts on behalf of U.S. copyright legislation guided the Association in the complex laws governing the fair use of music and audiovisual materials. In 1995, she was recognized with the MLA Special Achievement Award for her work in establishing and implementing the International Standard Music Number (ISMN). Lenore was awarded the MLA Citation in 1991 for her lifelong dedication to the goals and mission of MLA.

Within IAML, Lenore served as chair of then Cataloguing Commission (1983–90), and was elected to the IAML Board of Directors as vice-president for two three-year terms (1991–94; 1994–97). Her involvement in the activities of all the "R” projects (RILM, RISM, RIdIM, and RIPM), resources fundamental to research in music, included her major role in the founding in 1984 of the U.S. RILM Office, under her direction at Cornell University. In 2001, Lenore was awarded the Honorary Member citation at IAML’s fiftieth anniversary meeting in Perigeux, France.

A scholar of music in eighteenth-century auction catalogs, Lenore was highly visible and active in the American Musicological Society, where she served two terms on the AMS Council (1975–77; 1982–84), and as director-at-large on its board (2001–03).

Lenore was a consummate mentor to several generations of music librarians, who carry on her tradition of professional and scholarly activity within a number of organizations. As such, a IAML travel grant in her honor underscores her wont to introduce younger MLA/IAML members to the global world of music librarianship.

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