Thank you for your interest in joining MLA. The 2014–2015 renewal cycle is now underway.If you have questions, please contact the MLA Business Office.

The Music Library Association is the U.S. branch of the International Association of Music Libraries (IAML). Members of MLA may also join IAML and enjoy the benefits of membership in both associations.

MLA’s membership year runs from July 1 until June 30, while IAML operates on the calendar year. If you are renewing with MLA for 2014-2015, you may choose to add or renew a IAML membership for 2015.

MLA is offering a $10 discount on IAML membership (for 2015) to any new individual IAML members. If you are not a IAML member for 2014, you are eligible for the discount on 2015 membership. Simply select the appropriate IAML checkbox when joining or renewing.

Member Benefits

Personal members of MLA receive

In addition, members of IAML receive

  • The quarterly international journal Fontes artis musicae
  • Voting privileges in international IAML elections
  • Discounted registration at IAML’s 2014 conference in Antwerp, Belgium (July 13-19)
  • Access to IAML’s online membership directory

Member TypePersonalStudentInstitutionalCorporateSpecial
Hold OfficeYesYes
Be a committee memberYesYesYes
Chair a committeeYesYes
Receive NotesYes*Yes**YesYesYes
Be a task force/team memberYesYesYes
Coordinate a round tableYesYesYes
Submit a program proposalYesYesYes
Be a special officerYesYes
Be an editorYesYes

*except Associate

**see exceptions in the Administrative Handbook, VI.A.1

The Personal membership class includes Regular, Associate, Paraprofessional, Retired, and Sustaining.

Membership Rates 2014-2015

 Membership Categories
(view definitions)
 US non-US
 Regular Member $120.00 $130.00 
 Institutional Member$155.00 $165.00 
 Student Member$60.00 $70.00 
 Retired Member$85.00 $95.00 
 Sustaining Member*$240.00 $260.00 
 Associate Member**$90.00 $100.00 
 Corporate Patron$770.00 $780.00 
 Corporate Member$470.00 $480.00 
 Paraprofessional/Non-salaried/Part-time$70.00 $80.00 
 IAML Individual (Calendar year 2015) 
(discounted to $65.00 for new IAML members)
$75.00 -- 
 IAML Institutional (Calendar year 2015)$110.00 -- 

*may deduct 50% of membership as a charitable contribution

**2nd member in same household

Notes Subscription

Notesis now available only through membership in the Association. Institutions wishing to receiveNotesshould join at the Institutional level (see above).

Notes(ISSN: 0027-4380) is issued quarterly (September, December, March, and June)

Music Cataloging Bulletin (MCB) Subscription

Music Cataloging Bulletin(ISSN: 0027-4283) is issued monthly.

Music Cataloging BulletinSubscribers: MCB subscriptions are separate from MLA membership and are for a calendar year (January 1 to December 31) of access to the MCB Online. Use the subscription form and license agreement to subscribe to MCB today.

MCB Subscriber: $35.00

Agency Discount

No agency discount is available for memberships,Notes, orMusic Cataloging Bulletinsubscriptions.

Order and Payment Information

We encourage you to use the secure credit card processing facilities of our web site to submit your payment via MasterCard, VISA or American Express.

Alternatively, orders can be placed by email (, by phone (608-836-5825), or by mail (Music Library Association, Business Office, 8551 Research Way, Suite 180, Middleton, WI 53562).

Payments can be prepaid by check, by credit card (MasterCard, VISA or American Express), or invoiced.

Please make checks payable to the Music Library Association and in US funds drawn on a US bank.

Credit card payments must include the name as it appears on the card, card number, expiration date, and signature. Credit card expiration date must be valid for three months afterward.


Music Library Association 1600 Aspen Commons Suite 100 Middleton, WI 53562

608-831-8200 FAX
About MLA

The Music Library Association is the professional association for music libraries and librarianship in the United States. Founded in 1931, it has an international membership of librarians, musicians, scholars, educators, and members of the book and music trades. Complementing the Association’s national and international activities are eleven regional chapters that carry out its programs on the local level.