Career Advisory Service

The Career Advisory Service (CAS) is sponsored by the Career Development and Services Committee of the Music Library Association. It seeks to address the need for advice and discussions about professions in music librarianship. Experienced librarians across many specialties within MLA have volunteered to be advisors.

Anyone interested in music librarianship at any stage of their career, from library students to library workers, from active professional librarians to those heading for retirement, are welcome to use this service.

To request a consultation, please see the Advisor Biographies and Specialties page for a list of available advisors in the various specialties. Send an email to the current CAS Coordinator, Drew Beisswenger. The coordinator will contact the requested advisor. The advisor will contact the applicant and set up a means of communication mutually agreeable to both parties.

In-person consultations will also be available during the MLA annual conference. An announcement will be made on the MLA-L listserv and in the conference mailing.

All advising sessions are held in the strictest confidence.

Have you met with an advisor? CAS would appreciate your feedback by taking our survey.

CAS is looking for experienced MLA members with a commitment to service to work as advisors. The standard term of service for advisors is two years. If you would like to be considered as an advisor, please contact the coordinator.


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