Best of Chapters Competition

The Best of Chapters Competition was created to honor presenters at chapter conferences for their excellent research and to allow a broader sharing of that valuable work. All chapters are strongly encouraged to participate in the competition. Many of our MLA members have done outstanding presentations at chapter meetings, and the association benefits strongly by the opportunity to hear the presentations again with a wider audience.

Guidelines for submission

Previous winners, presented at the national MLA conference


2019  "After the Canon:  Developing Divergent and Local Music Collections at UCLA" (Matthew Vest and Callie Holmes, University of California, Los Angeles, California Chapter)
2018 "If Books Could Talk" (Katie Buehner, University of Iowa, Midwest Chapter)
2017 "Hyperconnected Access to Archival Music Collections," (Mac Nelson and Stacy Krim, University of North Carolina Greensboro, Southeast Chapter)
2016 "Sounds of Stanford and the Bay Area: embedding the Stanford Digital Repository into teaching and learning," (Jonathan Manton, Stanford University, California Chapter)
"In Search of Charles B. Ward," Maristella Feustle (University of North Texas, Texas Chapter)

"Transforming Collections and Rethinking Acquisitions Budgets: Information Needs and Preference of Performing Arts Students," Joe Clark (Kent State University, Midwest Chapter)
2014 "Creating an Alt-Bio-Bibliography Using Omeka and Geo-spatial Tools," Anna Kijas (University of Connecticut, NEMLA)

"Coldplay’s Day (not) in Court: Theorizing Music Plagiarism," Becky O’Donoghue (University of Washington, Pacific Northwest Chapter)
2013 "Eugène Bozza and the Creation of a Thematic Catalog," Lois Kuyper-Rushing (Louisiana State University, Southeast Chapter)

"Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Building Successful Tutorial Programs at the University of Washington," Verletta Kern (University of Washington, Pacific Northwest Chapter)
2012 "From a shed in Ojai to a Library in Denton: Reassembling and Preserving the Maynard Ferguson Collection at UNT,” Maristella Feustle (Southern Methodist University, Texas Chapter)

"Bigamy Scandal Sinks Sacred Music Group! A Case-Study of the Rise and Fall of the Church Music Association, 1869-1874,” Steven K. Gerber (George Mason University, Atlantic Chapter)
2011 "Microtonality in the Mountains: The Story of Tui St. George Tucker and Camp Catawba,” Gary Boye (Appalachian State University, Southeast Chapter)

"Music Publishing by Subscription in 1820s France,” Anita Breckbill (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Mountain-Plains Chapter)
2010 "Collecting on the Edge Redux: Recording the Traditional Music of Uganda,” Holling Smith-Borne (Vanderbilt University, Southeast Chapter)

"The Norwood Brass Fireman Band’s Strong Beat Since the 1870s,” Jane Subramanian (SUNY Potsdam, New York State/Ontario Chapter)
2009 "From Indie Rock to Global Pop: Access to the Musical Press in the Twenty-First Century,” David Day (Brigham Young University, Mountain-Plains Chapter)

"Subversive Sounds: Music and Censorship in Communist Poland,” Jaro Szurek (Samford University, Southest Chapter)
2008 "Monkey Biz-ness (Down in Tennessee),” Grover Baker (Middle Tennessee State University, Southeast Chapter)

"What Are They Citing? A Citation Analysis of Music Students,” Verletta Kern (University of Redlands, Pacific Northwest Chapter)
2007 "Collecting Jazz CDs: How? Why? Who Bothers?”, Stephen Luttmann (University of Northern Colorado, Mountain-Palins Chapter)

"The iTunes Project, or, We’re All Pod People Now,” Christia Thomason and Leslie Kamtman (North Carolina School of the Arts, Southeast Chapter)
2006 "The Beginning of the Hindemith Trumpet Sonata: Two Tempos, Two Hindemiths?," Stephen Luttmann (University of Northern Colorado, Mountain-Plains Chapter)

"The Odyssey of Homer Norris (1860–1920), an American Francophile," Brian Doherty (Arizona State University, Mountain-Plains Chapter)
2005 "Online Pathfinders for World Music: New Directions in Bibliographic Instruction and Collection Development" , Gary Boye (Appalachian State University, Southeast Chapter)

"A Taxonomy of Musical Humor in P.D.Q. Bach: Moving Towards Peter Schickele's Style of Musical Comedy," Tammy Ravas (University of Houston, Texas Chapter)
2004 "Ernst Bacon at Syracuse University: An Exploration of his Life and Archive," G. Dale Vargason (Eastman School of Music, New York State-Ontario Chapter)

"An Introduction to the John Addison Collection: A Neglected Gem in the BYU Film Music Archives' Crown Jewels," Janet Bradford (Brigham Young University, Mountain-Plains Chapter)
2003 "What is Hip' and Other Inquiries in Jazz Slang Lexicography" - Rick McRae (SUNY Buffalo), New York State-Ontario Chapter"

"Portland Music Remembered: 1900–1923," Beverly Stafford (Multnomah County Library, Pacific Northwest Chapter)
2002 "The Bill Russell Jazz Collection: A Private Collection Opens to the Public," Alfred Lemmon and Nancy Ruck (Historic New Orleans Collection, Southeast Chapter)

"Deeds of Gift in the Music Library," Deborah Gillaspie (Chicago Jazz Archives, University of Chicago, Midwest Chapter)
2001 "Ruth Etting: Chicago’s Sweetheart and L.A.’s Little Lady," Anita Breckbill and Laura Damuth (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Mountain-Plains Chapter)

"Andrew W. Johnson’s The Eclectic Harmon (2nd ed., 1847): A Middle Tunebook in Middle Tennessee," Harry Eskew (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Southeast Chapter)
2000 "The Sharps: An Insight Into English Musical Life in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century," Lenore Coral (Cornell University, New York State-Ontario Chapter)

"Gal With a Horn’: Clora Brant and Los Angeles Jazz," Vic Cardell (University of Kansas, Mountain-Plains Chapter)

"Jazz in Opera: It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Fat Lady Swings," Jennifer Ottervik (University of South Carolina, Southeast Chapter)



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