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Library Supervisor I

Organization: University of Tennessee Knoxville
Date Posted: 7/23/2013
City: Knoxville
Location: Tennessee
Country: United States
Primary Category: Position Closed - Do Not Apply

Description & Details
Purpose:  To provide public services for the Music Library. 
Position Details
The Library Supervisor (day position) is directly responsible for overseeing Music Library circulation activities.  He or she interprets library policies and procedures for patrons, mediates problems with library patrons regarding fines and books charged to library patrons, and compiles circulation and use statistics.  He or she processes reserve services, monitors and manages outgoing interlibrary lending, assists users in formulating their interlibrary loan borrowing requests, and serves as the primary supervisor for the student workers who staff the circulation desk. This person provides reference services and offers collection development support for students, faculty and staff while coordinating collection development activities including pre-order catalog and vendor searching. Additionally, the daytime supervisor monitors and maintains the collection, facilities and equipment.  Other duties as assigned include digitization, committee service, ongoing training, and contributing to library goals and planning.  This position has broad responsibilities and a high level of autonomy; the daytime supervisor oversees the operational functionality of the branch library.
• Bachelor’s degree 
• Ability to work well with the public; excellent communication and problem-solving skills, attention to detail; ability to work with little supervision and within a team framework
• Experience with computers and web technologies
• Willing to take or audit Music 510, Music Bibliography
• Strong familiarity with library resources and technology
• Degree in music/music-related field
• Experience with both Macintosh and Windows-based computers and software including Word and Excel, html, web-page design (Dreamweaver, CourseBuilder, PHP, MySQL)
• Two years of supervisory experience, work involving interaction with the public, or teaching experience 

How to Apply / Contact
Pay Grade 36. Full-time/day shift.


Music Library Association 1600 Aspen Commons Suite 100 Middleton, WI 53562

608-831-8200 FAX
About MLA

The Music Library Association is the professional association for music libraries and librarianship in the United States. Founded in 1931, it has an international membership of librarians, musicians, scholars, educators, and members of the book and music trades. Complementing the Association’s national and international activities are eleven regional chapters that carry out its programs on the local level.