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Music and Dance Librarian

Organization: Brigham Young University
Date Posted: 8/29/2013
City: Provo
Location: Utah
Country: United States
Primary Category: Position Closed - Do Not Apply

Description & Details
General Information
Brigham Young University (BYU), a privately owned and operated university of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, located in Provo, Utah, invites application for the position of Music and Dance Librarian, a continuing faculty status (BYU equivalent of tenure) position in the Harold B. Lee Library (HBLL).

The mission of this position is 1) provide specialized reference, advanced research assistance, and library instruction in the assigned areas; 2) to work as the library liaison to faculty teaching and researching in the assigned areas; and 3) to participate in scholarship, creative works, and other professional development activities.

Preference is given to qualified candidates who are members in good standing of the affiliated church. The Library is seeking a dynamic individual who can perform well in a rapidly changing environment.

Position Details
Exemplifies honor and integrity; adheres to the standards of personal behavior outlined in the BYU Code of Honor.

Supports the Library and University mission, goals, and objectives.

Observes Library and University policies.

Promotes collegiality and harmony.

Mentors, encourages, advises, and collaborates with colleagues.

Serves on Library, University, and consortia committees that go beyond assigned responsibilities.

Attends Department, Library, and University meetings, including devotionals, forums, and convocations.

Serves the scholarly/professional community through activities such as holding office or performing committee service in relevant associations; organizing professional meetings and/or panels; serving as a referee of scholarship,; editing newsletters or journals; serving on editorial boards; consulting; or teaching in academic departments.

Demonstrates effectiveness in serving as a liaison to faculty in the School of Music and Department of Dance through:
*Reaching out to faculty,
*Developing collections and managing content in the assigned areas,
*Promoting and providing Instruction in information literacy,
*Providing reference/research support,
*Promoting and coordinating of projects to digitize collections,
*Promoting faculty and student understanding of contemporary scholarly communication issues and practices,
*Marketing library resources and services in the areas of music and dance,
*Employing emerging technologies as appropriate in the accomplishment of the foregoing.

Sets and accomplishes relevant goals within specified professional assignments.

Participates in committees that are a direct outgrowth of assigned professional responsibilities

Achieves appropriate quantity and quality of work in assigned professional responsibilities.

Uses sound judgment in decision-making.

Manages personnel and resources effectively including submitting reports, keeping statistics, and managing appropriate budgets.

Stays abreast of issues and trends in academic librarianship, higher education, and scholarly communication.

Stays abreast of issues and trends in music and dance.

Stays abreast of scholarship in music and dance, and other appropriate subject areas of expertise.

Takes courses to enhance professional assignment and/or career opportunities.

Studies professional literature.

Attends conferences and workshops.

Participates in appropriate professional associations.

Collaborates with other faculty in appropriate research endeavours.

Presents research or innovative/unique information in the assigned fields of music and dance, and/or in the field of librarianship at conferences, workshops, seminars, and/or other professional meetings.

Publishes significant and original contributions relevant to librarianship and/or to music and dance.

Curates exhibits that highlight unique library materials with a unified theme and context, providing significant educational opportunities for the campus community.

Performs other approved scholarship/creative works.

Masters degree or higher required.

MLS from an ALA-accredited institution. Individuals with related education or work experience and who are committed to completing the MLS within a specified period of time may be considered.

Additional advanced degree and/or experience with music education or musicology in an academic environment preferred.

Reading knowledge of European languages (French, German, or Italian) is an asset.

Ability to provide advanced research assistance and to participate in outreach programs such as course-integrated instruction, exhibits, and presentations in assigned subject areas.

Subject expertise in assigned areas at sufficient levels to assess the curricular and research needs of the university, and to build collections to align with those needs.

Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.

Ability and desire to interact with students and faculty and excellent interpersonal skills enabling one to do so including the ability to work collaboratively with these populations and with library colleagues.

Excellent analytical and problem solving skills.

Flexibility including adaptability to changing organizational priorities and technological environments.

Demonstrated potential for leadership and for supervising other employees.

Technical skills including demonstrated familiarity with tools commonly used to conduct research in assigned areas.

How to Apply / Contact

Full ad and application information at:

Deadline: 10/15/13


Music Library Association 1600 Aspen Commons Suite 100 Middleton, WI 53562

608-831-8200 FAX
About MLA

The Music Library Association is the professional association for music libraries and librarianship in the United States. Founded in 1931, it has an international membership of librarians, musicians, scholars, educators, and members of the book and music trades. Complementing the Association’s national and international activities are eleven regional chapters that carry out its programs on the local level.