Texas Chapter of the Music Library Association

History of the Texas Chapter

Written by Betty Pope and Donna Mendro on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of TMLA:


Music librarians in the Dallas-Fort Worth area met informally in the Dallas Public Library, Fine Arts Division, the Spring of 1974, to share mutual concerns and goals. Present were Morris Martin, Bela Foltin (North Texas State University), George Henderson, Mary Blanche Scales, Donna Mendro (Dallas Public Library) and Linda Wilson (Southern Methodist University). These enthusiastically endorsed the idea of arranging a meeting to organize the Texas Chapter of the Music Library Association. Morris Martin was appointed Acting Chairman. Linda Wilson agreed to make the program arrangements and to have Southern Methodist University host the first meeting.

Later, acting Chairman Martin asked Bob Skinner, NTSU Music Library staff, to compile a mailing list from the membership rolls of the Music Library Association, Arts Round Table of the Texas Library Association and the American Library Association. Over one hundred music librarians and music library staff members and musicians were invited to the organization meeting, November 16, 1974. Thirty-four attended. Morris Martin described the organizational meeting as follows:

History was made in Dallas at Southern Methodist University, Saturday, November 16, 1974. Music librarians from across the state organized themselves into the Texas Chapter of the Music Library Association. Between thirty and forty music librarians, students, music professors, professional performers, public school teachers and other interested parties met at the invitation of Morris Martin, Music Librarian, North Texas State University, to form the organization. Speakers for the event were Anna Harriet Heyer, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, and George Henderson, Fine Arts Division, Dallas Public Library.

Speaking on "Texas Music Librarians and the Music Library Association", Miss Heyer not only reminisced about her founding of the NTSU Music Library in 1940 and its growth during her twenty-five years here, she also spoke of the early history of chapters and local and regional activities of other music librarians in the state. Miss Heyer, the author of Historical Sets, Collected Editions, and Monuments of Music, (2nd ed., Chicago: American Library Association, 1969), is now consultant in Music Library Materials at Texas Christian University, a position she has held since her retirement from NTSU in 1965. Mr. Henderson followed with his personal recollections of those early days of the NTSU Music Library and with Miss Heyer as his major professor for his master's degree in music. Recalling that he was a student in the first Music Libraries class (now L. S. 535) in the summer of 1941, he reminded Miss Heyer that he missed a few days around the July Fourth weekend to go on a honeymoon. Henderson related his subsequent career at New York Public Library, Washington D.C. Public Library and the Library of Congress, showing how it was related to the Music Library Association and with music librarianship in Texas. After returning to his home state in 1954 as head of the Fine Arts Division of Dallas Public Library, Henderson became active in organizing librarians into the arts in Texas as organizer of the Arts Roundtable of the Texas Library Association and as an early member of the local chapter of the Art Librarians Society (ARLIS).

The organization of music librarians in the state seemed unlikely if not impossible until Saturday's meeting, Henderson stated. The widespread interest in such a group was proved by the attendance of representatives of Southern Methodist University (host for the event), Texas Christian University, Rice University, University of Houston, University of Texas at Austin, Midwestern University, Trinity University, Texas Woman's University, North Texas State University and public libraries in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and Arlington. Representatives were also in attendance rom the Spring Branch Independent School District and the Fort Worth Art Museum.

In the business meeting, Morris Martin was elected Chairman; Linda Wilson, Music Librarian, Southern Methodist University, was elected Secretary-Treasurer, and James Calhoun, Dallas Public Library, was elected Vice-Chairman. The group plans another meeting in April.

Attending from NTSU besides Martin were Bela Foltin, Assistant Music Librarian, Robert Skinner and Barbara Pickthorn from the Music Library Staff, and students, Ann Hlavenka and Thomas Moore.


The second meeting of the Texas Chapter of the Music Library Association was held April 5, 1975, at Southern Methodist University, with twenty-nine people attending. The program consisted of: A forum on music cataloging problems, led by Donna Mendro; A discourse on private record collecting as a library resource, led by Karl Miller; A forum on copyright, led by Morris Martin.

In the business session following the program Chairman Martin designated Vickie Skinner, NTSU music staff, as Chairman of the Long Term Projects Committee. Vickie reported her committee members were Phil Sims, Cowden Hall Branch Music Librarian of the Fleming Library, Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth; Donna Mendro, Dallas Public Library; Barbara Pickford and Michelle Lohr. Following a lengthy discussion of possible projects, the members present agreed that the Long Range Projects Committee should compile a list of music periodical holdings, both current and retrospective, for the major Texas libraries by the end of the year 1975.

The treasurer reported seventy-five dollars in membership dues had been collected from twenty-five members at the November meeting. Chairman Martin appointed Mary Blanche Scales to be editor of the chapter Newsletter and Bela Foltin to chair the Committee on By-Laws. Before adjournment, places for future meetings were designated.

TMLA met October 25, 1975, at Baylor University, Waco, with Bessie Smith, Music Librarian, in charge of local arrangements. Jim Calhoun planned the program. The meeting began with a tour of Crouch Music Library, conducted by Mrs. Smith. This was followed by a presentation entitled, "The Bicentennial Collection of American Music", by Dr. Elwyn A. Wienandt, Associate Dean and Chairman of Graduate Studies, Baylor University School of Music. A tour of the Armstrong Browning library completed the morning session.

Preceding the afternoon session, Mrs. Miriam Griffes, Supervisor of Audio Facilities and Cataloger of Special Collections, gave us the opportunity to browse through the Frances G. Spencer Collection of American Printed Music.

In the afternoon business session the treasurer's report showed a balance of $119.69 and thirty-four dues paying members. In Old Business, Vicki Skinner distributed a form for compiling information for the Union List of Music Periodicals for Texas. The main thrust of the afternoon discussion concerned the Constitution. Bela Foltin presented the first draft and each article was carefully scrutinized and discussed by the members present. The decision was made for the membership to receive the new Constitution through a mail ballet one month before the Spring 1976 meeting. The Chairman appointed Jean Cassel, UTA, to chair the Nominating Committee to elect new officers. The agreement was reached to keep the Spring meeting following the meeting of the Texas Library Association. The meeting adjourned.


TMLA met April 10th, 1976, at the University of Houston, beginning with a tour of the new music library led by Jeffrey Earnest, Music Librarian. James Siddens, NTSU student, and author of Directory of Music Research Libraries: "Part IV, Japan", lectured on the subject, "An Historical Survey of Music Collections in Japan". After coffee break, Ralph Holibaugh, Music Librarian, Rice University, presented, "National Bibliographies - Their Coverage of the World of Music". The afternoon session began with a concert sponsored by the University of Houston New Music Ensemble presenting, "A Concert of Music by Faculty Composers at the University of Houston". Following the concert, Frank R. Rossiter, University of Texas at Dallas and author of Charles Ives and His America, presented "The Genteel Tradition in American Music".

In the business session the treasurer reported a balance of $246.74 with twenty-nine dues paying members. Vickie Skinner gave a progress report, reporting she had received eleven lists of periodical holdings. She appointed Tom Moore to replace two members of her committee who moved away. In the absence of Bela Foltin, Jeff Earnest presented the update report of the Constitution and By-Laws Committee. She announced all dues paying members would be sent a mail ballet for voting on the proposed constitution.

In Jean Cassel's absence, Chairman Morris Martin presented the report of the Nominating Committee: Jeff Earnest, Vice Chairman; Linda Wilson, Secretary-treasurer. Previously, Jim Calhoun, Chairman Elect, handed in his resignation and Chairman Martin asked for nominations from the floor. The officers elected were: Jeff Earnest, Chairman; Linda Wilson, Secretary-treasurer. Morris Martin recommended that Jeff Earnest appoint a Vice Chairman. Before adjournment, the Chairman announced the resignation of Mary Blanche Scales as editor of the Newsletter. Tom Moore agreed to be the new editor of the Newsletter.

The TMLA meeting, October 30, 1976, at the University of Texas-Austin, began with a lecture tour of the Humanities Research Center and its rare music materials, conducted by Sally Leach, Music Librarian. Following a tour of the Audio Center in the Undergraduate Library, Robert Skinner presented "Foreign Recordings For Domestic Libraries: an Introduction to Acquisition and Bibliographic Control". After lunch and a tour of the Music Library, led by Jean Cassel, there was a panel discussion on current problems and developments in music cataloging. Participants in the panel discussion were: Betty Pierson, Chair, Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio; Charlotte Brand, Texas Tech, Lubbock; Jeff Earnest, University of Houston, and Mary Blanche Scales, Dallas Public Library.

Bela Foltin reported the eleven responses to the acceptance of the Constitution was inadequate for passage; thus, a revised Constitution would be included with a newsletter to prepare members to vote in the Spring. Vickie Skinner reported the deadline for updating the Union List is set for December 1. Contributors will receive a copy of the List without charge. Tom Moore wrote to ten public and thirty-seven college libraries, asking for participation in the Union List; he received responses from thirteen libraries. It was decided logical channels for publicizing the project would be through the Texas Chapter Newsletter, the Music library Association Newsletter, Library Journal, etc..

Present at this meeting was the late Clara Steuerman, Music Library Association President, who stated that the board "looks to the Texas Chapter as a shining light for each new group that wants to establish a chapter". Before the meeting adjourned the Chairman appointed Ralph Holibaugh Chairman of the Committee on Nominations and Membership.


TMLA met March 26, 1977 in the Moody Learning Center, San Antonio College. Don Drummond served as local arrangements chairman.

In the morning session, the first presentation was made by Stephen Sylvester, University of Houston, on the subject, "Lithographic Music Printing in the Nineteenth Century", showing examples from his collection of stone plate prints.

The second presentation was by Ralph Holibaugh on the subject, "Macaroni and Musica at the Turn of the Century: the Hauschild Music Pub. Co., Victoria, Texas", examining the influence of this firm on the historical and sociological aspects of Victoria. One of the scrapbooks kept by the Hauschild family was displayed, and a list of Hauschild composers was distributed.

In the afternoon session, Tom Moore, Houston Public Library, led a panel discussion on popular music and distributed a list of Reference Sources: Popular Music, as well as a Selected Bibliography of Popular Music Periodicals. He reviewed ways of cataloging sheet music and made suggestions for areas in which reference sources are needed in the popular music field. The program concluded with an informal account of the Music Library Association meeting held in Nashville, Tenn., February 2-5, 1977.

In the business session Chairman Jeffrey Earnest announced that the Chapter constitution had been approved by mail vote. The members present voted unanimously to raise the dues to $5.00 per year. A letter of greeting was read from Clara Steuermann. The recommendation was made to extend an invitation to the Music Library Association to hold its national meeting in San Antonio in 1982 or some other year in the near future. Officers elected were: Vice Chairman and Program Chairman, Donna Mendro; Secretary-treasurer, Nell Williams. Bela Foltin will serve as Chairman. Mary Blanche Scales gave a summary of the Treasurer's report for the years, 11-16-1974 through 3-23-1977, reporting a balance of $240.13 in the treasury. On July 31, 1977, Mary Blanche retired from her Music Cataloger position at the Dallas Public Library, later accepting the position of librarian for the Dallas Morning News.

The Texas Chapter met October 22, 1977, in the Cowden Hall Branch Music Library of the Fleming Library, Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth. Dr. Keith Wills and Dr. Phil Sims served as hosts. Fourteen members and seven guests attended.

The morning session began with a discussion of "Southern Tunebooks in the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary by Dr. Scotty Gray, Southwestern Baptist Seminary. Using transparencies and some of the books, Dr. Gray gave a detailed description of the background and other facets of the tune-books. In the afternoon, Robert Skinner, SMU Music Librarian, and Karl Miller, NTSU, conducted a panel discussion entitled "The Antiquarian Recording Market". Reports from the MLA meeting in Santa Barbara were shared by Morris Martin and Dr. Phil Sims.

In the business meeting, the treasurer reported a balance of $298.55. Vickie Skinner, Chairman of the Long-term Projects Committee, reported that the Periodicals Union List Project should be ready for publication by late Spring, 1978.

She further stated the Chapter is committed to give one copy each to contributors, to each Chapter, to each Texas Chapter member, and to the national MLA Archives. A price for the List would be decided later. The Chairman distributed the Chapter's new letterhead stationery with logo to the officers. He also read a letter from Bill Weichlein regarding the proposed national MLA meeting to be held in San Antonio in 1982.

Morris Martin mentioned that Jean R. Cassel, UTA, and Mary Blanche Scales, DPL, retired the same day last summer. Vicki Skinner will write a mini-biography of Jean; Donna Mendro will write one of Mary Blanche. Both will be sent to Tom Moore, the newly appointed chairman of the committee for publication in the Newsletter.


TMLA met March 18, 1978, in the Houston Public Library. Dr. Anne Schnoebelen, Shepherd School of Music, presented "Padre Martini: Librarian and Man of Letters". A cataloging panel on an update report from the national MLA meeting in Boston, was presented by Vicki Skinner, APL; Judy Weidow, UTA, David Farneth, DPL; and Betty Pope, NTSU.

In the afternoon the Bayou City Attic Singers presented a program based on old sheet music from Houston Public Library Collection. In the business meeting, Vicki Skinner reported on the progress of the Union List of Music Periodicals project. Newly elected officers were Ralph Holibaugh, Vice-chairman, and Vickie Skinner, Secretary-treasurer. In-coming Chairman, Donna Mendro, emphasized the significance of the 1980 MLA meeting in San Antonio. She appointed Dr. Phil Sims Chairman of the Nomination and Membership Committee.

TMLA met October 14, 1978, in the Music Library, NTSU, Denton. John L. Adams, NTSU Music Staff, presented "Musicians' Autobiographies: Primary Sources in Music History", followed by a tour of the Music Library. The afternoon session began with a tour of the new music building, led by Morris Martin. Later, a panel discussion on acquisition of music materials was conducted by Olga Buth, George Henderson and Morris Martin.

In the business meeting, the treasurer reported a balance of $297.67. Vickie Skinner announced the completion of the Union List of Music Periodicals. Linda Selow, Chair of the national MLS Publications Committee, approved the project. Ginny's Copying Service offered the lowest price for reproducing the list: $219.69 for one hundred copies on 3-hole punched paper. Donna Mendro was appointed to handle the distribution and advertising. She suggested the list should be updated every five years. The remainder of the business session was a discussion of the plans for the national MLA meeting to be held in San Antonio, February 25-March 1, 1980.


The tenth meeting of the Texas Chapter was held April 7, 1979, in the San Antonio Public Library. In the morning session, Olga Buth, Bela Foltin and Vicki Skinner gave a panel discussion on "The Recording Manufacturer File: an Important Commercial Practice For Libraries", describing the various uses which can be made of the record manufacturer's number on the recording. Before lunch, Raymond Villarreal and host for the meeting, conducted a tour of the San Antonio Public Library.

In the afternoon session, Mr. Tavera-King, Jr., Entertainment Editor, San Antonio Express and News, presented "Música Chicana". He discussed his book on the subject and played recordings of different styles of Mexican music. Following his lecture, officers were elected and committee appointments made. The discussion centered on plans for the MLA meeting in San Antonio, 1980. Ralph Holibaugh was elected Chairman; Olga Buth, UTA, Vice-Chairperson elect; Raymond Villarreal, Secretary-treasurer; Priscilla Stoune, Texas Tech, Lubbock, Chairperson of Membership and Nominating Committee; Sally East, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Newsletter Editor; Morris Martin, National Program Chairman for 1980 MLA meeting; Vicki Skinner, Local Arrangements Chairperson for 1980 MLA meeting.

The Texas Chapter again met in the San Antonio Public Library, October 20, 1979. The morning session consisted of an Open Forum on OCLC ILL program, presented by Marcia Parsons, University of Texas, Austin, Interlibrary Loan Division, and Interlibrary Loan problems, led by Olga Buth and Ralph Holibaugh. Along with Sally Beaty, Olga and Ralph were appointed to study Inter-Library cooperation for sharing music materials for discussion at the Spring meeting in April.

After lunch, Mrs. Josephine Orta, co-founder of the first Mariachi Mass in San Antonio, presented a program of Mariachi music. She elaborated on the historical development of Mariachi music, tracing its roots back to the year 1521. During the second part of her presentation, she played the Vihuela, a popular instrument used by Mariachis. and sang songs and parts of the mass with her daughter, who also accompanied her on the guitar. In describing this account in the Newsletter, Raymond Villarreal remarked, "Soon we were all singing in Spanish! It was a wonderful introduction to a music little known outside certain regions of the Southwestern States". The final part of the afternoon session centered on making final plans for the national MLA meeting in February. The balance in the treasury was $303.99.

More than 250 registrants attended the 49th annual Music Library Association conference which took place at the El Tropicano Hotel in San Antonio, Texas, from February 27th to March 1st, 1980. The schedule of events included a preliminary workshop on AACR2, panel discussions, committee meetings, concerts, exhibits and a tour of a nearby mission. This was clearly the greatest achievement of the Texas Chapter, with every member cooperating to make the occasion a success.

Also notable, in conjunction with the annual meeting of MLA, the Texas Chapter issued a copy of their second completed project, A Checklist of Texas Composers, compiled by Donna Mendro and Robert Skinner. It was for sale for $4.00. The compilation lists 700 periodicals from 36 libraries.


The twelfth meeting of the Texas Chapter met in the Texana Room, Fikes Hall, Fondren West, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, April 18, 1980. In the morning session, Clifton Jones, Special Collections Librarian, SMU, discussed. "Handling Special Collections", describing ways to process protect and encourage the use of those documents, letters. manuscripts, scrapbooks and ephemera that libraries acquire from local composers and musical organizations. Donald Hodges, SMU, made a presentation on "Music and Microcomputers", a live demonstration of how microcomputers are changing the teaching of music in public schools and universities.

After lunch, Dechard Turner, Director, led a tour of the Bridewell Theological Library, a library that contains an outstanding collection of rare books, manuscripts and incunabula. This was followed by a discussion on the "Texas Music Libraries Cooperative Projects", led by Olga Buth. This was an elaboration on the Microforms Cooperative Project and the Special Cooperative Projects.

After discussing highlights of the national MLA meeting in San Antonio in February, the meeting concluded with the business session. The following officers were elected: Olga Buth, Chairperson; Joan Schuitema, SMU, Vice Chairperson-Chairperson Elect; Raymond Villarreal, Secretary-Treasurer: Sally Beaty, Newsletter Editor. The balance in the treasury was $163.75.

TMLA met at the University of Texas, Austin, in the Faculty Center, October 31-November if 1980, for lunch: then moved to the Humanities Research Center for the afternoon program. A demonstration-workshop was given on the preservation of materials to include books, music, sound recordings and tapes. In the business meeting that followed. the possibility of meeting once a year instead of twice was discussed. The balance in the treasury was $202.05.

On Saturday morning, members convened in the new Fine Arts Library for a discussion of the impact of AACR2 on User Education programs. A tour of the Fine Arts Complex, which includes the library, the new music building and the new Performing Arts Center, concluded the meeting.


TMLA met in the Fondren Music Library, Rice University, Houston, April 3-4, 1981. The afternoon meeting began with the subject, "A Comparison of the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians with the 5th edition". by Allen Hoffman. Bob Skinner, Bob Follet, Mary Jane Stolleis and Sally Beatv. In the business meeting that followed, new officers were elected and the results of the ballot to change the Constitution and By-Laws were given. Olga Buth announced this would be the last Spring meeting; the results of the election favored meeting once a year in the Fall. The Chapter also ratified a number of other changes to the constitution which resulted from this decision. In addition, committees were approved for: (1) A survey of user-education programs as part of MLA's national project in this area; (2) Preparation of a directory of Texas music libraries and librarians; and (3) Reevaluation of the Chapter's newsletter. Olga Buth reported on the New Haven national MLA meeting. New officers elected were: Don Drummond, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect; Dean Corwin. Secretary-treasurer. Joan Schuitema, assumed the Chairperson post.

The afternoon session concluded with Dr. Elliott Antokoletz of UT-Austin discussing, "The State of Bartok Research in the Centennial Year". The only session on Saturday morning was devoted to Music Cataloging for Non-Music Specialists". Judy Weidow chaired this session and was assisted by Dean Corwin, Jim Cassaro, NTSU, and Joan Schuitema.

TMLA met at Baylor University, Waco, in the Moody Memorial Library, October 2-3, 1981. Dr. David Albee Music Professor, Baylor, began the afternoon session with the presentation. "George Antheil--Another American in Paris". The business meeting followed. In the evening John McFadden. baritone, presented a recital of songs.

The Saturday morning session began with an Open Forum about "Developing Record Collections Beyond the Basics: Cataloging Problems and Solutions". After a tour of the Music Library and coffee break, the highlight of the meeting was.. "In Honor of the Retirement of Bessie Smith. Baylor Music Librarian: A Look at the Building of the Baylor Music Library - Where We Were and Were We Are".

Participants were: Sally Beaty. former Student Assistant, Baylor Music Library; Sue Margaret Hughes. Baylor Head Librarian; Daniel Sternberg, former Dean, Baylor School of Music; Dr. Robert H. Young, Head of Vocal Dept., Baylor School of Music; Miriam Griffes, Audio Assistant Baylor Music Library. Sally Beaty presented Bessie Smith with a certificate of appreciation from the Chapter and an album of Puccini's Madama Butterfly. The meeting concluded with "Personal Recollections of Dr. Alfred Einstein", by Dr. Bess Hieronymus. The balance in the treasury was $384.06.


TMLA held its annual meeting in the Dallas Public Library, October 22-23, 1982. The morning session began with a tour of the library's new building conducted by Donna Mendro and Jane Holahan, Dallas Public librarians, and featured a slide presentation. Some members present enjoyed experimenting with the library's new locally-developed online catalog.

In the afternoon, Bud Buschardt, a local radio personality, discussed sources of information on records and recording artists, remarking on the pros and cons of various systems of arranging record collections. He described in detail the system he uses to arrange his own collection of over 50,000 records.

On Saturday morning Bob Follett presented information on the current state of the copyright law as it applies to music and sound recordings and their use in libraries. Don Drummond continued with an entertaining slide/tape presentation on music in Victorian England.

In the business meeting that followed, Don Drummond presided in the absence of Joan Schuitema, who was ill. It was suggested that the Chapter pay tribute to Anna Harriet Heyer, similar to the tribute paid to Bessie Smith at the Waco meeting. Olga Buth said that MLA was planning to honor her in some way and suggested that we compile a group of testimonial letters regarding the usefulness of her book. Morris Martin was currently organizing the tribute and would report on its progress in a later edition of the Newsletter.

Officers elected were: Bob Follet, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect; Dean Corwin, Secretary-Treasurer (2d term). Raymond Villarreal volunteered to replace Sally Beaty as editor of the Texas Quarter-Notes Newsletter. Don Drummond appointed Betty Pope to write the history of the Texas Chapter of Music Library Association. The balance in the treasury was $378.28.


TMLA met October 21-22, 1983, in Willis Library, North Texas State University. The officers presiding were: Don Drummond, Chair; Bob Follett, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect; Margaret Ford, Secretary/Treasurer; Raymond Villarreal, Newsletter editor.

Margaret Ford initiated the afternoon program with a presentation entitled, "Cataloging Music Materials using a Philips Micom Word Processor", followed by a tour of the NTSU music library and the new music building. Afterwards Dr. Malena Kuss of NTSU discussed three of her projects in process: a bibliography of materials dealing with Latin American music in both music and non-music sources; Latin American Art Music Sources in Microfilm; and Music in the Americas: Source Studies in Honor of Robert Stevenson. Dr. Cecil Adkins directed a concert of baroque music given by Les Petits Violons, an ensemble of the Collegium Musicum of NTSU. The day ended with a potluck dinner in the home of Bob and Diane Follett.

The Saturday morning session began with a presentation by a NTSU graduate student, Susan Treacy, entitled, "Devotional Consort Songs in Elizabethan and Jacobean England; an introduction and discussion of sources." Morris Martin welcomed the Texas chapter and introduced two visitors, Anna Harriet Heyer, editor of Historical Sets Collected Editions and Monuments of Music, and Edna Sandborn, his former assistant. The meeting concluded with the business session.

Plenary sessions of the Music Library Association, meeting in Austin, February 19-25, 1984, were well attended. Discussions throughout the conference centered on space design and how to obtain money needed for better efficiency in managing music libraries. The highlight of the musical presentations was a concert on the new tracker organ given by Frank Speller.


TMLA held its annual meeting October 19-20, 1984, in the San Antonio Public Library, hosted by Raymond Villarreal. The session began after lunch, Friday, with the speaker, Mr. Eric Skelly, Public Relations Assistant with the San Antonio Festival, presenting Marketing the San Antonio Festival. This was followed by a presentation by Mr. William Stapp, founder of classical radio station, KPAC, speaking on Establishing My Station. A tour of the San Antonio Public Library ended the session.

On Saturday morning the featured speaker, Ellen Burns, Rice University, presented Bibliographic Instruction in Music Libraries. During the concluding business session the 1983 annual meeting minutes were approved and the treasurer reported a balance of $571.77.


The 1985 meeting of the Texas Chapter of the Music Library Association was held October 11-12 in Houston in two locations. Officers were Bob Follet, Chair; Avery Sharp, Baylor University, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect ; Robin Fradenburgh, UTA, Secretary-Treasurer; Raymond Villarreal, Newsletter Editor.

On Friday morning the program began in Fondren Library on the campus of Rice University, with a presentation by Richard Siluk, Baker & Botts, entitled Copyright and the Music Library. After lunch, Dr. Marcia Citron, Shepherd School of Music, presented a lecture and performance on "Works by 19th Century Women Composers". After the dinner break, Keiko Cho, University of Houston, spoke on the subject GEAC One Year Later.

The Saturday morning session, held in the Houston Public Library, began with a brunch, followed by a talk on the recording industry by Steve Aechternach, Houston Symphony Orchestra. At the concluding business session Bob Follet and Avery Sharp initiated plans for a joint meeting of the Texas Chapter with the Southeast Chapter of Music Library Association. Also, the Directory of Music Collections in Texas Libraries, 1985, compiled and edited by Robin Fradenburgh and Bob Follet was issued. This was the third project completed by the Texas Chapter.


Plans were finalized and the joint meeting was held in New Orleans, October 16-18, 1986. On Thursday evening an opening reception, with entertainment and early registration, was held at the St. Mary's Dominican Conference Center. The Friday and Saturday sessions were held at the neighboring campuses of Loyola and Tulane Universities and at the Historic New Orleans Collection Research Center in the Vieux Carre (French Quarter).

A Continental breakfast in the Staff room, Tulane library, preceded the Friday morning program which began with a presentation of Integrated On-Line Systems: How Are They Working? Participants were Dale Hudson, Florida State University, and Robena Cornwell, University of Florida: NOTIS; Keiko Cho, University of Houston,: GEAC; Bob Follet, North Texas State University: VTLS; Geraldine Laudate, East Carolina State University: LS 2000. Following the coffee break, Liselotte Andersson, Music Librarian Emeritus, conducted a tour of the Maxwell Music Library, Tulane University.

The afternoon session was held at Loyola University in the Music/Communication Complex. Olga Buth, University of Texas, Austin, presented a slide show of the 1985 IAML meeting in East Berlin. Donna Mendro followed with impressions of the 1986 Summer Meeting in Stockholm. After SEMLA and TMLA held separate business meetings, there was a presentation entitled 19th CenturY German Music Clubs of New Orleans by faculty members of Loyola University College of Music: Mary Sue Morrow, Assistant Professor, Music History; Philip Frohnmayer, baritone, and Ellen Frohnmayer, soprano, and Francine Peterson, director. The banquet Friday evening was held at Bouligny Restaurant.

The Saturday meeting began with a continental breakfast sponsored by Historic New Orleans Collection, giving time to allow for travel to French Quarter on the streetcar. At 10:15 A.M. the final session of the conference was the presentation, Very Special Collections, featuring archival collections of special interest to music librarians/musicologists. The presenters were Dr. Alfred Lemon, Historic New Orleans Collection; Lesser Sultan, Amsted Research Center; Curates Jerde, William Ransom Hogan Jazz Archive; Olga Buth, Natchez Trace Collection. The joint meeting concluded at noon.


TMLA met October 9-10, 1987, at the University of Texas at Austin. The first presentation was an online catalog demonstration by Barbara Cervera, Automated Bibliographic Services, and Bob Stewart, Information Systems. After lunch there were tours of the Texas popular music collection at Barker Texas History Center, John Wheat, Music Archivist and the Historic Recordings Collection at the Fine Arts Library, conducted by Karl Miller.

On the occasion of Olga Buth's retirement and on behalf of the Chapter, Karl Miller expressed gratitude for her years of service and presented her with a book by the Library of Congress, Folklife Annual, 1986.

October 10th, the morning session began with Bob Follet explaining the Rigler-Deutsch catalog at NTSU, with a tour of the Fine Arts Library preceding the Business meeting at 10:30 A.M. In the treasurer's report, Robin Fradenburgh announced a profit of $141.44 was made from the sale of directories at the New Orleans meeting, leaving our balance $631.47.


TMLA held its annual meeting October 6-7, 1988, in the Music Library, Baylor University. The varied program included the following presentations: "The Editor As Interpreter", by Harry Elzinga; "Commercial Music in the United States", by David Hibbard; "Russian Music and the Soviet Music Publishing and Recording Industries", by Gordon McQuere; "A Musical Evening at the Aiken House", Jean Boyd-Prisk, Karen Peeler and Michael Ard; and, finally, "A Self-guided Introduction to Music Materials and Music Research at Texas Tech University: Development, Implementation and Evaluation", by Judy Marley.

In the business session, officers elected were: Marcia Schemper-Carlock, Houston Radio KRTS, Chair; Donna Mendro, Dallas Public Library, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect; Judy Marley, Texas Tech University, Secretary/Treasurer; Raymond Villarreal, San Antonio Public Library, Newsletter Editor. A balance of $723.21 was in the Treasurer's report.


In 1989, TMLA held its annual meeting in Dallas, November 2-3, at the Dallas Public Library in the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library. The morning session began with refreshments and welcoming remarks by Patrick O'Brien, Director of Dallas Public Library.

The program began with Wayne Gay, music critic from the Fort Worth Star Telegram newspaper, presenting an account of the development of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra during the years 1945-50. His remarks were sparked with little known facts about the "rocky" first years and the people responsible for its success. Following the break, Sharon Herfuth, Music Librarian, Dallas Public Library, explained the exhibit in the Community Showcase titled "Sights and Sounds of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, 1900-1989".

After lunch, Donna Mendro escorted the members present to the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas' new downtown Arts District for a tour of the new structure. A guide gave a history of the project as we viewed and examined the details of the beautiful architectural designs chosen by I.M. Pei, the architect.

Tim Schuller, Dallas Public Library, opened Friday's session with a presentation entitled, "Writing in the Grip of the Blues". He focused on the heritage of the blues especially in the Dallas area. Raymond Villarreal led in the discussion on "Problems in the Preparation and Circulation of Compact Discs".

In the business session, Donna Mendro proposed that the Texas Chapter host the national meeting of the Music Library Association in Dallas, 1993. Bob Follet moved that the Chair, Marcia Schemper-Carlock, draft a letter offering Dallas as a site for the meeting and acquiring the Guidelines.


TMLA held its annual meeting November 7-8, 1990, in the new Hamon Arts Library, Southern Methodist University, hosted by Robert Skinner. Officers presiding were: Marcia Schemper-Carlock, Chair; Judy Weidow, Secretary/Treasurer; Raymond Villarreal, Newsletter editor.

In the first morning session, Carol Bailey Hughes, SMU, read her paper "Prince Vladimir Odevsky (1804-1869) and His Embrace of Beethoven", which she had prepared to read at the American Musicological Society meeting in Oakland. In the second morning session, Ronald Davis, SMU History Department, gave a slide-tape presentation on SMU's collection of oral history tapes on the performing arts, which includes people connected with Hollywood and the American Musical Stage.

The afternoon session began with Bob Skinner's presentation of two new multimedia hypercard CD-ROMS: the Beethoven Ninth Symphony and the Mozart Magic Flute. Dennis Bowers explained how to use these effectively and Bill Walker described how to catalog them.

Michael Keyton, St. Mark's School of Texas, initiated the second afternoon session by sharing his experiences as one of the editors of the 8th edition of Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians. Preceding the business meeting, Donna Mendro spoke briefly about the new jazz headings in the subject catalog issued by the Library of Congress, expressing concern that they do not meet the needs of her users.

In the business session Marcia announced that dues for 1990-01 have been increased from $5.00 to $7.00. In the Treasurer's report, Judy Weidow reported a balance of $1,028.96. Marcia suggested it was time to update the Directory of Music Collections in Texas Libraries, The suggestion was made that electronic mail addresses, fax numbers and online systems be added to the Directory. Don Roberts, Vice-President/President-Elect, Music Library Association, was a guest at this meeting. In his remarks made to the group, he explained the policy of alternating meetings in different sections of the country for national meetings: West, Middle and East. New officers elected were Bob Skinner, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect and Judy Weidow, Secretary/Treasurer. Marcia announced her resignation from the Texas Chapter to join the Special Library Association.


TMLA held its annual meeting October 24-25, 1991, in Houston at Rice University. Bob Follet, Music Librarian, was the host. Presiding was Donna Mendro, Chair, and Judy Weidow, Secretary-Treasurer. The Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect position was vacated by Bob Skinner, who left Texas for a new job in San Diego. The morning session of the first day opened with a presentation by Anne Schnoebelen, faculty member of the Shepherd School of Music, entitled "Padre Martini: Librarian and Man of Letters". The second presentation was made by Honey Miocene, also of the Shepherd School of Music, entitled, "The Case of Pierre de la Rue: Renaissance Composers As Businessmen". A tour of the Fondren and Brown Fine Arts Libraries concluded the morning program.

The business meeting was held in the afternoon. Donna read the letter from Don Roberts, President, Music Library Association, rejecting our offer for the national meeting to be held in Dallas. Kansas City was chosen. The Walter Gerboth endowment and the International Association of the Music Library were among the topics of discussion. Donna appointed a Projects Committee with Margarette Jones, Chair, to plan the celebration for the 20th anniversary of the Texas Chapter.

The Friday morning session began with a presentation by Donna Arnold, Library Assistant at the University of North Texas, entitled, "Rare Book Librarianship: Some Notes from the Music Library." Mark McKnight gave insights on Rare Books from the information he gleaned in summer school at Columbia's Rare Book School.

In the second session, Donna Mendro, Lisa Kelly, Houston Public; and Raymond Villarreal presented a forum called, "What To Do When the Ax Falls: Surviving Budget Cuts in the Nineties." In the final session of the morning, Charles A. Schwartz, Social Sciences Librarian, Rice University, demonstrated the OCLC collection analysis disk, recommending it as a tool for retrospective collection analysis for academic books. It does not include scores. After lunch, we were given a tour of the new Alice Pratt Brown Hall of the Shepherd School of Music.


TMLA held its annual meeting October 15-16, 1992, in the Fine Arts Library at the University of Texas, Austin. Judy Weidow and David Hunter hosted the conference. Officers presiding were Bill Walker, Chair; Sharon Herfurth, Vice-Chair/Chair Elect; Judy Weidow, Secretary-Treasurer; Raymond Villarreal, Newsletter Editor.

The first session focused on "Commercial Music Resources and Courses". Bob Meyer, Austin Music liaison, shared the resources offered by the City of Austin to help the music businesses, which in turn provided help for beginning bands. Casey Monahan, with the Texas Music Office, is setting up a database of Texas Music businesses, which also includes radio stations, events, recording artists and foreign business interested in Texas music. One result of this effort is the publication of the Texas Music Industry Directory, an annotated business list of more than 2900 Texas music businesses.

David Jones, chair, Music Department, Austin Community College, described the two year music business degree program they instituted in 1990. Brian Cockburn, Music Librarian, Southwest Texas State University, described the planning of the Bachelor's program in sound recording technology SWT will institute in the Spring of 1993. The program concluded with David Hunter's discussion of the outline of a sourcebook of a survey of the music business literature he and Loriene Roy are compiling. In the concluding business session, Donna Mendro announced the 1994 meeting will focus on the 20th anniversary of the Texas Chapter.

The Friday morning meeting centered on presentations by Texas Chapter members sharing their research projects. Ralph Hartsock, University of North Texas, discussed and played tapes of the first electronic music concert with Otto Luening and Vladimir Ussachevsky, October 28, 1952. Bill Walker, Southern Methodist University, who has in-laws in Japan, described and showed video of the annual televised Japanese singing contests.

Mark McKnight, University of North Texas, talked about sources for collecting Zydeco music and played some examples. Robert Hallis, University of Texas, Austin, gave a brief history of the Music Library at The University of Texas, Austin, complete with slides. A tour of the electronic music studios at the University of Texas concluded the meeting.


TMLA held its annual meeting October 7-8, 1993, in the A. Guy Crouch Music & Fine Arts Library, Baylor University, Waco. Officers presiding were: Bill Walker, Chair; Judy Weidow, Secretary-Treasurer; Raymond Villarreal, Newsletter Editor. Sharon Herfurth resigned her position at Dallas Public Library, leaving the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect position vacant.

The afternoon session began with the presentation, "The Brittle Paper Problem and Its Implications for Contemporaneous Editions of Late 19th Century/Early 20th Century French Art Songs by Cammie Vitale, SMU. This was followed by an open discussion on the topic, "Preservation nightmares: What are yours? and Other Things We Didn't Learn in Library School".

In the business meeting that followed, Judy Weidow read the minutes and reported a balance of $1,722.35 in the treasury. Bill Walker announced the bid for the 1997 national meeting was turned down, with plans to meet in New Orleans. Bill asked for suggestions for the 20th anniversary meeting to be held at SMU, stating that Betty Pope and Donna Mendro will complete the history of the Texas Chapter to be presented at the annual meeting to be held this fall. Bill thanked Ruthann McTyre and Patty Seegars Bellus for their excellent arrangements before adjourning the session.

Friday morning Dr. Barbara Bennett, Director, Music Education Division, School of Music, presented, "Oral History and the History of Music in Waco". Dr. T. Lindsay Baker, Curator, The Governor Bill and Vara Daniel Historic Village presented, "Oklahoma Diaries and the Texas Connection. The meeting concluded after lunch with a tour of the McCrary Music Building.

The Newsletter

One of the most significant publications sponsored by the Texas Chapter is the Newsletter. Mary Blanche Scales was appointed to be the first editor by Morris Martin in the second meeting of the organization, April, 1975. The first issue was mailed to the members in September, 1975. In the 1976 meeting Mary Blanche resigned the editorship and Morris appointed Tom Moore to be the editor. In the fourth issue, May 1979, a new editor, Sally East, announced a name change of the newsletter to Texas Quarter-Notes Newsletter.

Raymond Villarreal deserves special recognition for his willingness to be editor of the Texas Quarter-Notes Newsletter since July 1983, continuing to the present. All the editors are to be commended for the fine work of reporting they have done.

In each issue there is pertinent information of interest to the music library profession. Texas music libraries report the significant acquisitions made by their library and specific activities and achievements of the music librarians and catalogers themselves. The minutes of the meetings and treasurer's report are regularly published. In some issues there are reports of activities from national Chapters of the Music Library Association.

Member Publications

Listed below is a list, gleaned from the Newsletters, of members who have had books published or have contributed articles to reference books.

Weidow, Judy. Music Cataloging Policy in the General Libraries. Austin: University of Texas, 1984. (Also issued in the series, Contributions to Librarianship, no. 8.)

Skinner, Robert. "Aitken, Hugh", "Alessandro, Victor", "Bennett, Robert Russell", "Dallas", "Durante, Jimmy", "Eddy, Nelson", "Lange, Hans", "McKuen, Rod", "MacLaine, Shirley", "Rodriguez, Robert Xavier", "Trythall, Gil" in New Grove Dictionary of American Music, edited by H. Wiley Hitchcock and Stanley Sadie. New York : Macmillan Press, 1986.

Almquist, Sharon. The Sound Recording and the Library. (Occasional Paper, no. 179). Urbana-Champaign: University of Illinois, 1987.

Sharp, Avery T. Choral Music Reviews Index. 1983-1985. Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, vol. 674. New York: Garland Pub., 1986.

Sharp. Avery T. Choral Music Reviews Index. 1986-1988. Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, vol. 962. New York: Garland Pub., 1990.

Almquist, Sharon. "Giacomo Puccini" in St. James Guide to Biography, edited by Paul E. Schellinger. Chicago: St. James Press, 1991.

Almquist Sharon. "Jean Sibelius" in St. James Guide to Biography, edited by Paul E. Schellinger. Chicago: St. James Press, 1991.

Pope, Betty. "Frederick Delius" in St. James Guide To Biography, edited by Paul E. Schellinger. Chicago: St. James Press, 1991.

Hartsock, Ralph. Otto Luening: a Bio-biography. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 1991.

Almquist, Sharon. Opera Mediagraphy: Motion Pictures and Videorecordings. (Music Reference Collection, Number 40). Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1993.

Hartsock, Ralph. Notes For Music Catalogers: Examples Illustrating AACR2 in the Online Bibliographic Record. Lake Crystal, Minnesota: Soldier Creek Press, 1994.


Through twenty years of development the Texas Chapter of the Music Library Association has emerged an active, growing organization. The professionalism of its membership is reflected in various ways in addition to the publications and interesting, informative programs presented at meetings. Some members have participated through the years in the Music Library Association as members or chairpersons of committees and in various roles of leadership on the national level. There are those who are quietly pursuing research projects that will be brought to fruition in the future. Although some had books published, many members have contributed abstracts to RILM (Repertoire Internationale de Litterature Musicale) and/or have seen in print their articles and book reviews, too numerous to list. Not to be overlooked are those who cope daily with the needs of the library patrons and the sweeping impact of the electronic environment.

These are challenging times. There is every reason to believe that the Texas Chapter of the Music Library Association will expand its horizons and soar to new heights in professional achievements in the years that lie ahead.

Other 20th anniversary mementos and documents:

Talk given at 20th Anniversary meeting of TMLA, October 15, 1994

I have been asked to give a brief history of the organization of the local chapter of the MLA. When Donna [Mendro] asked me to give this talk, she said to make it about 10 minutes in length, which seemed such a short time. However, when I began writing, the 10 minutes stretched on and on until I thought I might need to purchase additional paper to finish the task. I have never known 10 minutes to stretch so far. 

Before 1948 I was not aware of the existence of MLA. It is an organization dating to before WWII (The big one as Archie called it) It was at a meeting at Yale University in the 1930's that the organization actually came into being and attracted music librarians from as far away as New York and Washington D.C. 

Soon after the Yale meeting, WWII came about and Ed Waters, of L.C. who was president at the time continued in that office until after peace was declared. National meetings were discontinued during the war due to gas rationing, but local meetings continued.

I had just been appointed as a music cataloger at NYPL and when I was introduced to the other staff members as being from Texas, I was told ALA had just met in New York and Miss Heyer, music librarian, had made a most exciting talk on the music library at UNT. They had never heard of a budget such as UNT bestowed upon its music library. Our Anna Harriett Heyer and her music library became famous over night.

in order to keep the enthusiasm at a high pitch, the music librarians began holding their own meetings in the vicinity whenever ALA and/or TLA chapters met and after several such meetings and politicking we were granted Round Table status. Texas LA seeing the desire of a number of its members for having an organized group, we were finally made a part of ALA.

While attending Columbia University, Miss Heyer took a course in Music Librarianship taught by Mr. Richard Angel and when she was appointed as Music Librarian at UNT she offered the course for the first time in 1941. It was my privilege to be a member of that first class. Soon after that they US Army claimed me.

I have with me today a copy of the program for 1971 of MLA's summer meeting.

Due to several good gifts and cooperation with the library institutions we are well on our way.

20th Anniversary Meeting Information
20th Anniversary edition of Texas Quarter-Notes Newsletter