Texas Chapter of the Music Library Association

Constitution & Bylaws

(1976; revised 2004, 2011, 2017, 2018)

Article I: Name

This organization shall be known as the Texas Chapter of the Music Library Association, Inc.

Article II: Purposes

A. The purposes of the chapter shall be:

1. To encourage the establishment, use, and growth of music libraries and collections of music and musical literature in libraries within the state of Texas.

2. To facilitate exchange of information regarding availability and diffusion of musical materials in Texas libraries; to foster the sharing of these resources; and in pursuance of these aims, to initiate projects for the publication of such information.

3. To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and discussion of problems regarding all aspects of work with music materials.

B. The chapter is a non-stock, non-profit organization operated exclusively for said purposes. No part of the net earnings of the chapter shall inure to the benefit of any individual. No officer or member shall, as such receive compensation for her/his services. All publication by the chapter shall be done in accordance with official MLA policy.

Article III: Membership

A. Eligibility

1. Membership in this chapter shall be open to all members of the Music Library Association, Inc., who reside in Texas or surrounding states, and to other persons and institutions who are interested in the objectives and activities of this chapter. Membership is effective upon payment of dues for the current year. 

2. Classes of membership:

  • Regular - persons actively engaged in and/or interested in library work.
  • Institutional - available to any institution, organization, or corporation engaged in library work.
  • Student - available to students enrolled at a nationally accredited institution of higher education.
B. Dues

1. The dues of all members shall be paid to the Secretary-Treasurer or through the Music Library Association annually at the beginning of each membership year.

2. The membership year shall be from July 1 to June 30.

3. If a member's dues remain unpaid for one membership year, the membership shall be considered terminated.

4. To secure voting privileges, members must have paid their dues for the current membership year.

C. Privileges

1. Voting - each regular and student member shall be entitled to one vote at all business meetings or on official ballots.

2. Officers - any regular member may serve as an officer of the organization.

3. Committees - all regular and student members shall be eligible to serve on committees.

4. Publications - members in all classes shall be entitled to receive all publications of the chapter.

Article IV: Officers

A. The officers of TMLA shall be as follows:

1. There shall be a Chair who shall preside at all meetings, appoint committees (with the exception of the nominating committee, which shall be appointed by the Past-Chair), represent the chapter to MLA and other outside organizations, and perform the duties customary to this office. The term of office shall be one year, after which the Chair shall succeed to the office of Past-Chair.

2. There shall be a Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect who shall chair the Membership Committee and perform the duties of the Chair in the latter's absence. The term of office shall be one year, after which the Vice-Chair shall succeed to the office of Chair.

3. There shall be a Past-Chair who shall appoint and chair the Nominating Committee and perform other duties as necessary. The term of office shall be one year.

4. There shall be a Secretary-Treasurer who shall record the minutes of all meetings and preserve all official records and reports of the chapter; keep an up-to-date membership list;  collect dues; make authorized expenditures; serve on the annual meeting planning committee to oversee expenditures and collect registration; and perform duties customary to this office. The Secretary-Treasurer will serve for two years and may succeed herself/himself for one consecutive term.

B. Eligibility

1.  After one year of TMLA membership, any regular member is eligible to run for office. Candidates must accept a nomination before their names may appear on the ballot.

2. During their terms of service, the officers shall be members of the national Music Library Association.

C. Nominations and elections

1. At least 60 days prior to the annual meeting, the Past-Chair shall appoint a Nominating Committee. The Committee shall propose to the chapter at least two members for each office to be elected in that meeting. They will provide written ballots and conduct the election at the annual meeting. Ballots must include a space for a write-in candidate for each position to be filled.

2. A Vice-Chair will be elected every year and a Secretary-Treasurer in alternate years. If the Nominating Committee asks a standing Secretary-Treasurer to fill a successive term, no second name is required to be submitted for that office that year. Newly elected officers shall take office at the end of the meeting at which they are elected.

D. Succession

1.  If any officer leaves office prior to the midpoint of her/his term, then the remaining officers shall make a temporary appointment until the next election. If any officer leaves office after the midpoint of her/his term, follow the rules stated below.

2. In the event that the Chair is not able to serve her/his full term of office, the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect will complete the term as Chair. There will be no Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect until the next election.

3. If neither the Chair nor the Vice-Chair can complete their terms, the member of the chapter who was most recently Chair shall act as chief executive officer until the next election.

4. In the event that a Past-Chair is unable to complete his/her term, the most recent Past-Chair will fill the office of Past-Chair until the next election.

5. Should the Secretary-Treasurer be unable to complete her/his term of office, the Chair shall make a temporary appointment until the next election.

Article V: Committees

A. The standing committees of the TMLA shall be:

1. Nominating Committee. Invites, reviews, and manages nominations for officer positions. Determines the final slate of nominees and conducts the annual election of officers. Chaired by the TMLA Past-Chair, who appoints the other members.

2. Membership Committee. Promotes membership in the chapter and identifies prospective members. Assists the Secretary-Treasurer in the maintenance of current and past membership records. Chaired by the TMLA Vice-Chair.

3. Local Arrangements Committee. Plans meetings of the TMLA membership, including but not limited to: site and date selection, registration, events, meeting space, and audiovisual needs. The Committee shall be chaired by the TMLA Chair or his/her designee. When a meeting is being hosted by one or more TMLA members, at least one of them will serve on the Local Arrangements Committee. The TMLA Secretary/Treasurer serves as an ex-officio member.

4. Program Committee. Determines schedule and formats for scholarly presentations at meetings of the membership. Invites proposals and serves as a peer review committee. Selects from the proposals, then notifies submitting members. Provides the program details to the Local Arrangements Committee at least 30 days in advance of the meeting.

B. The TMLA Chair may, in consultation with the chapter members, appoint other committees as needed.

C. Membership on committees shall be open to all regular and student members of the chapter.

D. All committees shall have at least three members.

E. A quorum of a committee shall consist of a majority of its members, provided the chair is present. Written approval by members of a committee shall constitute an affirmative vote.

F. The TMLA Chair may, in consultation with the committee chair, reappoint committee members as many times as necessary.

Article VI: Meetings

A. Regular meetings

The chapter shall hold at least one regular meeting each year.

1. The place and time of each meeting shall be determined at the previous meeting.

2. Meetings shall be held if possible at the institution of one of the regular members.

3. A business meeting shall be held at each regular meeting of the chapter. The members of the chapter present shall constitute a quorum.

4. Notice of chapter meetings shall be sent to all members by an officer at least 30 days in advance.

B. Special meetings

The chapter Chair may call special meetings with at least 30 days notice. A special meeting may be called for the purposes of joint meetings with an organization in a related field.

Article VII: Amendments

A new constitution or amendments to this constitution and its bylaws may be proposed by any voting member and discussed at any regular meeting. A special committee may be appointed by the Chair to study the amendment or bylaw. A copy of the proposed amendment or by-law must be submitted by mail, e-mail, or other means to all of the regular voting members and is to be voted upon by mail, e-mail, or other means. A two-thirds majority of the membership is required to pass an amendment or a new constitution.

Article VIII: Dissolution

In the event of dissolution of this chapter, all of its assets and records shall be turned over to the Executive Board of the Music Library Association, Inc.


To Article III: Membership
Annual dues for all classes of membership shall be determined by the membership.

To Article VI: Meetings
The registration fee for each meeting shall be determined by, in consultation with the chapter chair, the local arrangements people for each annual meeting.