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Presentation files from past Midwest MLA Meetings can be downloaded below. If you wish to submit your presentation from a past meeting, please email the webmaster, Jacey Kepich.  

2016 - Normal, Illinois
Joe Clark, Michael Duffy, and Anne Shelley - The Librarian as Instructor: Issues, Challenges & Benefits of Teaching the Graduate Music Research Course

Michelle Hahn - Reciprocal Impacts: IU’s Digitization & Preservation Initiative and Metadata

Lisa Wollenberg and Eric Fisher - Stepping Up in a Low-Level Job: Paraprofessionals and Student Assistants Processing the Leonard Bernstein Collection

2015 - Louisville, Kentucky
Heather Fox - An Introduction to the Louisville Underground Music Archive Project: Collecting Off the Beaten Path

Misti Shaw - Applying the New ACRL Framework in Music Settings

Applying the New ACRL Framework in Music Settings Script

Mark Scharff - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Student Assistant: Using the Skills of Students for Library Projects

Chuck Peters - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Student Assistant: Using the Skills of Students for Library Projects

Wendy Sistrunk - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Student Assistant: Using the Skills of Students for Library Projects

Patty Falk - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Student Assistant: Using the Skills of Students for Library Projects

Kirstin Dougan - You Can't Get there From Here, or One Size Does Not Fit All

Reed David and Nurhak Tuncer - Cataloging Self-Published Items

Joe Clark - What is the Future of Audio Reserves in Libraries?

Greg MacAyeal - Avalon and On! The Robert Marcellus Master Class Audio Archive

Chuck Peters and Carla Williams - The Hans Tischler Collection in the Indiana University William & Gayle Cook Music Library

Kathleen Abromeit - Navigating "Multiple Choice" to "Research as a Process:" the Neuroscience of Teaching the First-year Music Student

2014 - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Timothy Maloney - Glenn Gould: Conventional Prodigy, Unconventional Professional

Glenn Gould Presentation Bibliography

Chuck Peters - Music Score Processing: Greater Efficiency through Analysis

Anna Alfed - Knowing the Score: Assessing the Current Status of the Frontlog Scores

2013 - Cleveland, Ohio
Andrea Breckendorf - Mixing It Up: Faculty Engagement in Collection Development

Kathleen Abromeit - Dogs Not Bears: Marketing Your Music Collection
Abstract: When I was in library school, I recall being given a list of the functions of the reference librarian. The list looked something like: teach people how to use the library and its resources; answer queries for specific information; recommend good sources and reading material; promote the library within the community; and create bulletin boards. There was a time when we were the only music library in town, and we could "create bulletin boards" or not. We didn't need to market our libraries as patrons would still come use our collections and resources. That's not the case now. We are not the only library in town because the web offers access to so many libraries and resources. The availability of resource options has increased the need to market our services. Equally as important, is the increased patron confidence in their own ability to understand, navigate and evaluate the vast sea of information. Our marketing has to go beyond the bulletin board and meet our patrons in social networking spaces, through course management software, webpages, offering workshops, and the like.
In this presentation I will briefly examine some of the reasons for the shift away from patron dependence on our libraries, using information and statistics from the Credo Student Survey. I will then share a collection of visuals from some of the marketing campaigns I have developed to promote the Oberlin Conservatory Library, sharing my best and worst practices!
For more information, contact Kathy Abromeit.

Elizabeth Berndt-Morris - QR Codes: A Practical Process of Implementation and Use

Joe Clark - Information-Seeking Behavior of Graduate Distance Education Students

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library - We Can Work It Out: Establishing the World's First Rock and Roll Library

Kathleen Harrison - The Development of a Digital Media Preservation Lab To Save Morris Library's At-Risk Audiovisual Collections

2012 - Naperville, Illinois
Kirstin Dougan - It's Awful / I Can't Live Without it: Music Librarians, Faculty Members & YouTube

Kerri Baunach - Preserve, Store, Describe: Local Audio Collections

James Procell - Sharing Our Special Collections with the World: an IMSLP Digitizing Project