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The Paraprofessional MLS: (making the best of) hiring, engaging, and retaining professionals in paraprofessional positions

Michelle Hahn, Kristen Heider, Sara Outhier (Southern Methodist University)

Changing Lives, One Note at a Time: library internships for undergraduate music majors

Timothy Sestrick (West Chester University); Lina Sheahan (Belmont University)

Transforming Collections and Rethinking Acquisition Budgets: Information Needs and Preferences of Performing Arts Students

Joe Clark (Kent State University)

Web Archiving for Music History

Kent Underwood; Robin Preiss (New York University)

Sound Quality 2: Digital Boogaloo

Andrew Justice (University of North Texas)

Meaningful Assessment in the Music Classroom: collaborating with faculty on effective library instruction

Kathleen DeLaurenti (College of William and Mary); Erin Conor (Reed College)

The Denis Condon Collection of Reproducing Pianos and Rolls

Jerry McBride; Jonathan Manton (Stanford University)

Picture the Music: Planning Library Spaces with a Photo Elicitation Study

Nara Newcomer (University of Missouri, Kansas City)

Plenary Session #2: Digital Musicology: The Role of Music Library Collections

Frances Barulich (The Morgan Library & Museum); Bonna J. Boettcher (Cornell University) and Elizabeth Davis (Columbia University); Darwin F. Scott (Princeton University); Sarah J. Adams (Harvard University); Jane Gottlieb (The Juilliard School) and Susan Vita (Library of Congress)

Getting Published: a panel discussion with authors and editors from MLA's three monographic series

Authors presenting are: Kathy Abromeit, Spirituals: A Bibliography for Research and Performance; Lisa Hooper and Donald C. Force, Keeping Time: An Introduction to Archival Best Practices for Music Librarians; and Peter H. Lisius and Richard Griscom, Directions in Music Cataloging | Editors presenting are: Deborah Campana, Richard Griscom, Mark McKnight, and Peter Munstedt

Building World Music Collections: Latin America

Tom Moore (Florida International University); Joe Clark (Kent State University); Liza Vick (Harvard University)

Music Collection and Fair Use: Envisioning a Way Forward

Brandon Butler (ARL); Peter Jaszi (American University)

Curriculum development for music librarianship: A Delphi study

Johanna Groh (University of Denver)

No server? No money? No problem! Hosting digital collections with ebrary's DASH!

Kristina Shanton (Ithaca College)

Discovering Lev Aronson: preserving the past and looking toward the future with digital special collections

Sonia Archer-Capuzzo (University of North Carolina, Greensboro)

Contemporary Music Special Collections

Matt Ertz (University of Louisville); Greg MacAyeal (Northwestern University); Elizabeth M. Hogue (Old Dominion University)

Instruction Activities Aimed at Performers

Misti Shaw (DePauw University)

Teaching Music Librarianship Online: benefits and changes

Sonia Archer-Capuzzo (University of North Carolina, Greensboro)

Experimental Music at the Library

Steve Kemple (Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County)