Music Discovery Requirements

Music Discovery Requirements I

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Music materials, particularly scores and recordings, pose unique demands that must be considered for successful discovery. Some of the unique needs posed by music materials can be addressed simply by ensuring that needed fields are appropriately displayed and indexed in discovery interfaces. Other problems are more difficult to solve. This document discusses the issues and when possible gives concrete recommendations for discovery interfaces. Given that most libraries will be dealing with large bodies of legacy data recorded according to AACR2 and encoded in MARC, particular attention is paid to MARC data and to AACR2, as well as issues related to RDA. These recommendations will be useful to those creating or guiding the development of discovery interfaces that will include music materials. Furthermore, because the document identifies areas where deficient data creates particular problems for discovery, those inputting or creating standards for data can use this document to identify areas where there is particular need for fuller, more consistent data.

Three appendixes compile technical details of the specific indexing recommendations in spreadsheets. The appendixes should be used in conjunction with the full document, particularly because in some cases multiple options are given for addressing discovery needs, and the extended discussion is contained in the document proper. The spreadsheets are not exhaustive mapping documents; their scope is the same as the document: areas which are music-specific or particularly important for music.

Music Discovery Requirements Document group members (MDR 1, 2012)

Nara Newcomer (leader), University of Missouri, Kansas City
Rebecca Belford, University at Buffalo
Deb Kulczak, University of Arkansas
Jennifer Matthews, University of Notre Dame
Misti Shaw, Depauw University
Kimmy Szeto, Maritime College, State University of New York