Music Discovery Requirements

III.J Expressions and Manifestations: Persons and Corporate Bodies

In addition to the composer and librettists/lyricists who are related to musical works, many additional persons and corporate bodies contribute to music materials and hold responsibility at the expression and manifestation levels, especially the expression level. The recommendations in this section build on those in II.G. and focus on the unique requirements posed by the many different people related to expressions and manifestations. These related persons and corporate bodies include: editor, arranger, performer (both individuals and groups), dedicatee, honouree, producer, director, publisher, and typesetter.

These persons and corporate bodies are important access points for music users for finding, identifying, and selecting their desired entity. Therefore, it is important to index and display all personal and corporate names, both transcribed forms and controlled vocabulary. If codes or terms are present in the data which designate the person/corporate body’s function, these should be indexed and displayed, with codes converted to the vernacular. However, first assess data for presence and possible duplication; see II.G for further discussion.

Western art music generally makes a clear distinction between composer (related at the work level) and performers (related at the expression level). Many other musics do not make this sharp distinction. For discovery purposes, following the recommendations in this document will make persons and corporate names related to the work, expression, or manifestation useful for finding, identifying, and selecting music, regardless of the exact nature of the relationship.

Publishers, typesetters, printers, etc. are particularly important persons and corporate bodies for earlier music, and reprints of early music. Insofar as this information is coded in the data, following these recommendations will allow searching by and identification of publishers and typesetters.

Recommendation: Follow recommendations in II.G and IV.B. Of particular importance to expressions and manifestations, if codes or terms are present designating function, these should be indexed and displayed, with codes converted into the vernacular, after assessing the data for presence and possible duplication.

Index and Display:

See recommendations in II.G.

MARC: 511 Participant or Performer Note