Music Discovery Requirements

III.H Expressions and Manifestations: Musical Key/Range

Musical key and range (complete span of pitches used in the piece of music) are particularly important for vocal music, where works frequently exist in a variety of keys and ranges, but instrumental music can also exist in expressions distinguished by the key or range. Users would also benefit from the ability to search by more specific ranges, such as the exact pitches included, to match their ability and available resources. For example, some instruments like carillon or handbell choir do not have standard ranges, and vocalists’ ranges are a combination of physiology and training. However, expression key and range information is not currently or historically recorded under AACR2 or RDA nor encoded in MARC data on a comprehensive basis. It may be included in a note or edition statement, particularly if a statement about key or range is present on the manifestation itself.

The key in which a musical work was originally composed and its original range are work-level attributes and addressed in II.E.

Recommendation: Follow work-level indexing and display recommendations at II.E. Display notes and edition statements and include both in general keyword indexes so that users can minimally identify specific arrangements when looking at a record, and potentially keyword search this information. Explore more dynamic searching options in the future.

Index and display (Bibliographic/Descriptive Metadata):
MARC: 250 Edition Statement

MARC: Edition information may also appear in other areas including Title Statement (245) and various Note Fields (5XX)

Dublin Core: description; creative use of coverage

EBUCore: No field defined to include musical key/range information.

MODS: note type=“key”

PBCore: pbcoreAnnotation

BIBFRAME 2.0: Properties: bf:musicKey

Facets/Limits (Bibliographic/Descriptive Metadata):

Coded data for range could lend itself to some sort of coded search capability, though this data has historically not been coded in MARC.

MODS: note type="key"

BIBFRAME: Properties: bf:musicKey

Related MARC Authority Fields:

MARC: 031; 384