Music Discovery Requirements

III.G Expressions and Manifestations: Medium of Performance

Users may seek expressions of works with a particular medium of performance other than the original medium, i.e., arrangements. Users may also seek music for a particular medium of performance regardless of whether it is the original medium. Both RDA and AACR2 dictate use of the original medium of performance when included in standardized titles. Arrangements are identified by adding a term to the end of the standardized title: “arr.” in AACR2, or “arranged” in RDA (both coded in MARC $o). LCSH reflects the expression medium, with “Arranged” added to the end of the term. Similarly, LCMPT is coded for expression medium. Expression medium is typically coded in bibliographic records in uncontrolled textual fields (e.g., notes), coded fields (MARC 048), and controlled vocabularies (e.g., LCMPT); see II.D for further detail.

Recommendation: Follow indexing and display recommendations given for Medium of Performance in II.D.