Music Discovery Requirements

III.E Expressions and Manifestations: Edition

Users seek specific “editions” of notated music, meaning usually a search for a specific editor, publisher, or type of edition (critical edition, facsimile edition, Urtext edition, 2-piano edition, high voice edition, etc.), not (as is common with books), a search for a numbered edition statement (“2nd edition”) or merely the most recent publication. Users may also scrutinize the editor, publisher, and other edition information to select a particular expression/manifestation even if they do not begin their search with a particular edition in mind. Editors frequently make substantial intellectual contributions to notated music, making the editor an important factor to users in selecting an expression. See III.J for recommendations regarding editors and other associated people and corporate bodies.

Recommendation: Many aspects of what music users mean when they talk about “edition” are addressed under other sections, including Medium of Performance (II.D, III.G), Persons/Corporate Bodies (II.G, III.J), Dates (II.F, III.I), Language (III.F), Musical Key/Range (II.E, III.H), and Format of Notated Music (III.D). In addition to following recommendations in those sections, index and display fields identified below in order to provide publisher information and edition statements transcribed from the item itself.

Index and display (Bibliographic/Descriptive Metadata):

MARC: 250 Edition Statement (in RDA records, 250 will also contain Format of Notated Music information)

MARC: 260 $b$f Name of publisher, distributor, etc.; Manufacturer

MARC: 264 $b Name of producer, publisher, distributor, manufacturer

MARC: 5XX Note Fields (may include information about the editor and the edition, such as being a critical edition, etc.)

Dublin Core: description

EBUCore: “Edition” not easily mapped

MODS: edition under originInfo

PBCore: pbcoreInstantiation (instantiationIdentifier); different instantiations of the same asset can be collocated through pbcoreIdentifier)

BIBFRAME 2.0: Properties: bf:editionStatement

Facets/Limits (Bibliographic/Descriptive Metadata):

Edition information does not readily lend itself to facets/limits. While users often seek “authoritative”, “Urtext” or “scholarly” editions, this data has, historically, been neither recorded nor encoded in any standardized way. The subjective nature of these designations would make it difficult to record and encode them in the future as well.