Music Discovery Requirements

III.A Expressions and Manifestations: Introduction

Musical works frequently exist in many expressions and manifestations, and users seek particular versions of works at the expression and manifestation levels. Users also seek versions with attributes which do not neatly align with FRBR or IFLA-LRM’s expression or manifestation levels. For example: any vocal score, any arrangement for string quartet, any CD, or any recorded performance by soprano and piano. Therefore, a discovery interface should group or connect versions of a work in some way and simultaneously aid users in finding, identifying, and selecting a version which meets their needs.

This section will explore indexing, display, and facets/limits for important attributes of and relationships to musical expressions and manifestations. The following attributes and relationships are addressed:


B. Format: Content and Carriers

C. Identifying Numbers

D. Musical Presentation

E. Edition

F. Language

G. Medium of Performance

H. Musical Key/Range

I. Dates

J. Persons and Corporate Bodies

K. Geographic Area