Greater New York Chapter of the Music Library Association

Listserv Information

GNYMLA Google Group

The chapter Google Group is an unmoderated forum that keeps members informed about upcoming meetings, events, and other chapter news.

If you wish to join the Group and receive chapter communications, send a message to the group owner to request an invitation using the online form.

To post to the Group you must be a member of the Group. Members may post to the group through one of the following methods:

  • send your email message to gnymla[at]
  • Start a new topic in the Group forum
Please note that any message sent to the Group will be distributed to all Group members.

If you wish to leave the Group and no longer receive chapter communications, go to the Group page and click on My Settings, and choose "Leave Group".

Please address any questions regarding the Group to the group owner using the online form.

The GNYMLA Google Group replaced the chapter's listserv, GNYMLA-L as of December 13, 2018.

MLA Listserv (national organization)

The Music Library Association Listserv (MLA-L) allows members from around the country (and world) to keep in contact with one another. Many music library questions and issues are posted on this forum daily. CAUTION: traffic on this Listserv is very HIGH – with 1000+ subscribers, where 10-20+ messages can be generated per day. Digest options are available.

To post a message: send your posting to

(Please note that any message sent to MLA-L will be distributed to all subscribers.)

You can also browse the archives of MLA-L.