Greater New York Chapter of the Music Library Association

The Greater New York Chapter of MLA

The Music Library Association (MLA) is a national organization which promotes the establishment, growth and use of music libraries and encourages the development of music librarianship as a profession. MLA's regional chapters promote cooperation among music librarians and among libraries within a given region.

The Greater New York Chapter brings together members from Princeton to the Pierpont Morgan Library and from Sarah Lawrence College to Stony Brook. As with MLA, the Greater New York Chapter is proud to count among its members performers, scholars, students, collectors and music lovers who use libraries. You are invited to follow the membership link at this website as a first step in joining us for meetings and dialogues about music library issues.

Our region is blessed with an extraordinary concentration of music libraries and archives and a vast array of services. It is hoped that through its forums, the MLA-GNYC can serve to increase the dialogue among music librarians and library users, making it easier for people to obtain music and information about music.

The Greater New York Chapter hosted the national conference of the Music Library Association in New York City from 21 through 25 February 2001. It was MLA’s first annual meeting in New York in over 40 years! Recent Chapter meetings have been held at Princeton University, the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, SUNY Stony Brook, and the Brooklyn Public Library.