California Chapter of the Music Library Association

Become an MLACC Member! 

All dues are collected through the Music Library Association website. Below are instructions for renewing. Contact the MLA Business Office if you have questions or if you forgot your password. Please do not create a new profile if you already have one!  

Annual Membership:

The membership year is July 1 to June 30th.
Regular membership: $20
Student membership: Free

Instructions for Those Who Have an MLA site Profile 
(for MLA members and chapter-only members who previously created logins) 

You have two options. (Either way, you will be asked to log into your existing user profile first. Please do not create a new profile.) 

1. Pay for MLA and MLACC membership in one transaction
2. Pay for an MLACC membership alone

Instructions for Chapter-Only Members Who are First-Time Users of This System

1. Go to the MLA site and click Join
2. On the Join page, select Chapter Member Only (near the bottom of the page), then click Continue. (If you wish to join as a national member, click another category instead, and later you will be given the option to also select a chapter.)
3. On the next few pages (scrolling down, and clicking Continue as needed), create a username, select your desired chapter membership, and finish your user profile.  Remember the login for future use. 
4. On the final page, confirm membership type, rate, add any donations, select a chapter (if you were joining at the national level), finish payment information, and Submit. 
5. This will set up your user profile AND it will enroll you as a chapter member. Next year, use the instructions above. 

Membership inquiries may be sent to: 

Blair Whittington