California Chapter of the Music Library Association


The California Chapter of the Music Library Association was originally formed in 1941. In 1946 two separate chapters, the Northern and Southern chapters were established. In 2013 the two regional chapters merged into the current California Chapter. Below is a finding aid for the Chapter archival materials with selected digitized documents. Digitized newsletter can be found here. Please send questions and comments to Callie Holmes:


MLACC History and Archives


Adamson, Danette Cook,and Mimi Tashiro.“Servants, Scholars, and Sleuths: Early Leaders in California Music Librarianship.” Notes, 1992, 806.

Tashiro, Mimi, and Danette Cook Adamson. 1991.A history of the Music Library Association in California. [California]: Northern and Southern California Chapters of MLA.

The Early Days: A History and Chronology by Danette Cook Adamson

The Southern California Chapter: A History and Chronology by Danette Cook Adamson

The Northern California Chapter: A History and Chronology by Mimi Tashiro.

Earnest, Jeffrey, and Kathryn P. Glennan. 1991. Directory of music collections in California. Los Angeles: Music Library Association, Northern California and Southern California Chapters.

Fry, Stephen M. 1988. California’s musical wealth: sources for the study of music in California: papers presented at the joint conference of the Northern and Southern California Chapters of the Music Library Association, May 17-18, 1985, Glendale Public Library, Brand Art and Music Library. [California]: Southern California Chapter, Music Library Association.

Fry, Stephen M. 1970. Directory and index of special music collections in Southern California libraries and in the libraries of the campuses of the University of California. [Los Angeles, Ca.]: [Southern California Chapter, Music Library Assoc.].


NAMM Oral Histories

Interviews with prominent California music librarians. [These are just short clips. The full interviews are not yet available.]

Southern California Chapter

[Box 1]

Executive Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes 1996-2011

Chapter Meeting Agendas and Minutes 1998-2011

Treasurer’s Reports 1996-2011


Soe Nyun, J. Revised By-Laws                                         12-28-MLA

MLASCC Newsletters 1971-1999

Meeting Programs

MLA correspondence and brochure for MLA Annual Meeting 1975 in Puerto Rico

MLA SCC-NCC Joint Meetings 1983 & 1985

Programs, program notes and supplementary materials; brief prospectus for a directory of music collections in California

MLA 60th Anniversary Annual Meeting program

MLA in California 50th Anniversary Celebration Meeting folder

Program, list of attendees, program notes and flyers, photographs

[Box 2]

Southern California Chapter History

Gladys Caldwell correspondence 1938-1941

Membership Committee: So. Chapter [1941-1942]

MLA Southern California Chapter 1941

Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Birthday Project October 30 [1941]

MLA Southern California Chapter 1942

MLA Southern California Chapter 1943

MLA Southern California Chapter 1944

MLA Southern California Chapter 1945

MLA Southern California Chapter 1946

MLA Union List of Reference Sources [in Southern California]

MLA Southern California Chapter 1948-1952 Papers

MLA Southern California Chapter 1953-56

MLA 1964-1967

MLA Southern California Chapter Meeting March 18, 1967

MLA So. Cal. Chapter 1968-1969

MLA Southern California Chapter Fall Meeting 1968

MLA So. Cal. Chap. ca. 1969-73

MLA Southern California Chapter Joint MLA/AMS Meeting April 6, 1968

Minutes Spring 1968

MLA-AMS Joint California Chapter Meeting May 3-4 1969

Minutes Spring Mtg. May 3 1969

MLA Southern California Chapter [1972]

MLASCC Meetings, 1979, etc. [1977-79]

MLASCC: Meetings, 1980

MLA SCC (Old) By Laws 3-67 (sic)

MLA Constitutions Dec. 1968 & Fall 1971

MLA Summer Meeting 1967

Held at the San Francisco Public Library and Stanford University

MLA Midwinter Meeting 1968

MLA Summer Meeting 1971

MLA Summer Meeting 1973

MLA Midwinter Meeting 1974

MLA Winter Meeting 1979

MLA Membership List 1975; Officers 1971

MLA Newsletter (1970-); So Cal Chap [folder empty]

MLA – Old Mailing List (Membership list for Southern California as of 9-27-47)

Current Membership lists (uncorrected) [1968 & 1969]

Southern California Chapter Members of MLA (1969)

MLA Southern California Chapter Membership Information [1966 & 1967]

MLA So Cal Ch.: newsletter (1970-) [1970-1982]

Package from Don Hixon to Bruce D. Wilson, Curator MLA Archives June 25, 1985

Program, MLACC Spring Meeting April 27, 1984 at the American Film Institute

Letter to James Horner

UCLA Music Library Guide to the Archival and TV Music Collections, April 1984 [by Stephen Fry]

Correspondence from Chair [1983-1985]

Newsletter – SCC [1984]

Board Meetings – SCC [1981-1985]

Newsletter – MLA

National MLA meeting

Minutes – SCC [1985]

Legislation Committee

Annual Reports 1983

National Reports

Schoenberg Institute

Treasury [1982-1984]



Chapters – Other Chapters

MLA SCC Directory – Work To Do

MLA SCC Directory – Questionnaire

[Music Library Association, Southern California Chapter Report of Publications Committee]

MLA SCC Directory – Correspondence & File

Mailing Lists

MLASCC Newsletter

MLASCC: other chapters



Northern California Chapter

[Box 3]


Chapters – Northern California

Edward Colby and Scott Goldthwaite correspondence.

MLA California 50th Anniversary Planning 1989           01-12-MLA

MLA California 50th Anniversary Planning 1990           01-12-MLA

MLA California 50th Anniversary Planning 1991           01-12-MLA

MLA 50th Anniversary 1991 printed Program                  01-12-MLA

MLA California 50th Anniversary History of MLA in California                        01-12-MLA

MLA California 50th Anniversary NCC Committee        01-12-MLA

MLA California 50th Anniversary NCC Festschrift Committee                         01-12-MLA

MLA California 50th Anniversary NCC Chapter History Committee   01-12-MLA

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1988/89                               01-11-MLA

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1987/88                               01-11-MLA

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1986/87                               01-11-MLA

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1985/86                              01-11-MLA

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1984/85                               01-11-MLA

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1983/84                               01-11-MLA

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1982/83                               01-11-MLA

  Joint Meeting: MLA-NCC and Art Libraries Society

  Joint Meeting: NCC and SCC

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1981/82                               01-11-MLA

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1980/81                               01-11-MLA

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1979-80                              01-11-MLA

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1978/79                               01-11-MLA

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1977/79                               01-11-MLA

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1976/77                               01-11-MLA

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1975/76                               01-11-MLA

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1974/75                               01-11-MLA

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1973/74                               01-11-MLA

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1972/73                               01-11-MLA

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1971/72                               01-11-MLA

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1970/71                               01-11-MLA

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1969/70                               01-11-MLA

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1968/69                               01/11/MLA

MLA-NCC Chapter Records 1968 through July                        01-11-MLA

MLA-NCC Constitution 1975 / Amended 1978 / Revised 1985


MLA-NCC Roster of Officers 1976/77 – 1987/88           01-11-MLA

MLA-NCC List of Meetings: 2/24/67 – 06/01/81

MLA-NCC Membership Records, Money Receipt Books 01-13-MLA

Bach to the “Boss” Workshop Planning Committee 1987/88 01-13-MLA

Bach to the “Boss” Workshop Collection Development + Acquisition

Handouts 1987/88                                                               00-13-MLA

Bach to the “Boss” Workshop – Cataloging Sessions handouts 1987/88 01-13-MLA

Bach to the “Boss” Workshop – Reference handouts 1987/88 01-13-MLA

Bach to the “Boss” Workshop Sound Media Handouts 1987/88 01-13-MLA

MLA NCC Newsletter 1986-2000 (21 issues)                 02-07-MLA

MLA NCC Treasurer’s Report 1999-2001                       02-07-MLA

MLA NCC Rosters of Membership 1999-2001               02-07-MLA

MLA NCC Program of Agendas 1992-2001 (scattered) 02-07-MLA

MLA NCC Minutes 1999-2000                                          02-07-MLA

Northern California Newsletters, 1985-1996                  RG IX-5

Southern California newsletters, 1970-2002                  RG IX-10

[Box 4]

MLA in California 50th Anniversary Celebration Meeting folder

MLA Southern/Northern California Chapters Joint Meeting Program - Spring 1989

MLANCC Newsletters 1989-1999

Early Days of MLA/NCC document


Kevin Freeman Memorial (Calif. Chapters)

Beethoven Center Meeting

Working Group on Endowed Funds