Administrative Handbook



The President may authorize the establishment of an interest group for a period of four years.
Upon expressions of interest from MLA members, the President will then ask for six letters of support from members in good standing of the Association to be sent to the Assistant Planning and Reports Officer (APRO), identifying a common area of concern; the President will be notified when six letters are received. Application for an interest group can be made at any time during the year, with the term of the interest group beginning at the end of the next annual meeting.
Renewal of the authorization for another four years also requires six letters of support from members in good standing. The letters, which may be in either paper or electronic form, are due to the APRO by February 1 of the year of expiration. After the February 1 deadline the APRO will report to the President whether those interest groups have been renewed or not.
The President may dissolve an interest group at any time, if it appears that it no longer serves a need or that a committee of the Association could carry on its work more effectively. An interest group that has not been renewed may again be authorized after a hiatus of at least one year following the same guidelines for the establishment of a new interest group. (rev. 9/2012); (rev. 5/2013) (rev. 9/2016)


Each interest group is led by a Coordinator appointed by the President in consultation with the Board and other parties as appropriate. Coordinators must be current, personal members of MLA. The Coordinator serves no more than four consecutive years unless an exception is made by the President. The appointment of co-coordinators is discouraged. There are no other officers and no specified membership. Interest groups do not have members; they have attendees. (rev. 9/2012) (rev. 9/2016) (rev. 2/2017)