Administrative Handbook


Each Chapter Chair, or their representative, keeps the Chair of the Publications Committee of the Association informed of Chapter projects that may result in publications. The Chair of the Publications Committee, in turn, serves as a liaison with the Board of Directors regarding chapter publications along with the Vice-President/Past President, who has general responsibility for liaison between the Board and chapters.

As chapters formulate plans for publications, the Publications Committee is available for advice and consultation, especially as to whether a proposed publication might be suitable for national rather than regional release and distribution. The Chapter Chair sends a final draft copy of each proposed publication to the Chair of the Publications Committee, indicating when publication is expected and the proposed price to be charged. After release, a copy of each publication is sent to the Vice-President or Past President, the archives and the Executive Secretary/Treasurer. Copies or news of publications may be sent to the editors of NOTES and the MLA Newsletter.

Chapters may recover the full editorial, production, and distribution costs of publications. A reasonable additional sum may also be included in the price to help underwrite future editions or other publications.

Chapter newsletters, announcements of meetings, and the like are exempted from the regulations above. Copies of such releases however are routinely sent to the President, Vice-President/Past President, Administrative Officer, Archives, and editors of the MLA Newsletter and NOTES.