Administrative Handbook


Though chapter Chairs must be members of the Association, other members need not be either personal members of the Association or official designees to the Association from their institution. Individuals may join more than one chapter. Each chapter must have at least two officers, a Chair, who must be a member of the Music Library Association, and a Secretary. No term of office may be longer than two years. The chapter decides whether incumbents may succeed themselves.

Chapters adopt their own rules or by-laws in consonance with the Constitution and By-laws of the Association (included should be clauses similar to articles IIB and XII, which protect their potential for tax-exempt status) and with such guidelines as may be provided by the Board of Directors.

Chapters may assess annual dues to cover expenses connected with chapter activities.

In addition to holding meetings, the chapters may engage in any activities which conform to the purposes of the Association as set forth in Article II of the Constitution and By-laws and to such guidelines as may be approved by the Board.

A report of chapter activities and a list of chapter officers should be submitted annually to the Vice-President/Past President by the date specified in the official calendar. The report should be in a form appropriate for publication.

Any changes in chapter officer information should be submitted quarterly to the Vice-President/Past President as per the schedule published in the MLA official calendar.

Changes to a Chapter's by-laws, structure, or chair and a description of gross income over $25,000 must be reported to the Administrative Officer annually by the date specified in the official calendar in order to retain the Chapter's tax-exempt status with the IRS.