Administrative Handbook



If the work of the committee requires expenditures, the committee presents an annual budget request to the Finance Committee of the Association following the procedures and deadlines established by the Fiscal Officer. These budget requests are normally solicited by the Fiscal Officer eight weeks prior to the annual Finance Committee meeting in the Spring (May or June) of each fiscal year; the budget requests normally have a submission date deadline of four weeks before the Spring Board meeting. (rev. 5/2014)


Following the Board meeting at which the budget for the next fiscal year is approved (normally in May or June) and before the beginning of the new fiscal year, the Fiscal Officer notifies committee chairs who have requested funding whether they have received an appropriation and if so, its amount.


Receipts for approved committee expenditures are submitted by the committee chair to the Administrative Officer of the Association for reimbursement. No money beyond that which is formally budgeted may be spent in the name of the Music Library Association without prior, formal approval by the Board of Directors. This includes travel expenses that must have been budgeted and approved in advance even if the Board has approved the activity requiring the travel. When appropriate, the tax-exempt number (Employer Identification Number) 52-6056338 is used in making MLA purchases. (rev. 5/2014)