Administrative Handbook



The MLA Copyright for Music Librarians website is maintained by the Legislation Committee of MLA as a resource for anyone interested in issues of copyright as they apply to the fields of music and music librarianship. (rev. 2/2017)


The editor of the Copyright for Music Librarians website solicits and develops content in collaboration with the MLA Legislation Committee, the MLA Web Manager, and the MLA Board and keeps content current. The editor responds to queries sent to the copyright website or forwards them to the Chair of the Legislation Committee for further consideration. The editor submits three Board reports each year (see V.A.3.a) plus an Annual Report (see section VI.D.7.) and sends copies to the chair of the Publications Committee. The editor serves as a member of MLA’s Publications Committee and receives gratis MLA regular membership and MLA annual meeting early-regular-member registration.  (rev. 7/2011) (rev. 3/2014) (rev. 2/2017) (rev. approved 5/2013, updated 7/2018)