Administrative Handbook



The Basic Manual Series is a comprehensive series of manuals designed to assist the librarian in dealing with various aspects of the organization, administration and use of a music library.


The editor of the Basic Manual Series receives and solicits manuscripts and consults with appropriate readers in the selection of manuscripts for publication.  Upon the submission being approved by A-R Editions, the President signs the publication contract.  The editor oversees the final editing of the manuscripts prior to publication. The publisher oversees the publication and distribution process for each volume. The editor notifies the Administrative Officer of all publishing dates in advance, so that the business office and the Publicity & Outreach Officer may prepare for distribution and advertising. The editor submits three reports to the President each year: the Annual Report (see section VI.D.7.), due prior to the Annual Meeting; a Spring report, due prior to the Board’s Spring meeting (usually May); and a Fall report, due prior to the Board’s Fall meeting (usually September) and sends copies to the chair of the Publications Committee. The editor serves as a member of MLA’s Publications Committee and receives a per-title honorarium. (rev. 2/2009) (rev. 3/2014)