Administrative Handbook



The Music Cataloging Bulletin is a monthly publication that provides information from the Library of Congress andthe NACO-Music Project, among others, of interest to the music cataloging community. It also serves as a forum for discussion and communication on all matters related to music cataloging.


The editor of the Music Cataloging Bulletin receives copy from the Music Section of the Special Materials Cataloging Division of the Library of Congress (sent automatically) and may solicit copy from other sources such as the Cataloging and Metadata Committee, reports on cataloging sessions at local and national meetings and questions and recommendations from individuals. Question on LC policy are submitted to the Music Section for comment before being published in the Music Cataloging Bulletin. The editor prepares camera-ready copy and oversees printing and distribution. The editor submits three Board reports each year (see V.A.3.a) plus an Annual Report (see section VI.D.7.) and sends copies to the chair of the Publications Committee. The editor is a member of the Cataloging and Metadata Committee and the Publications Committee. The editor receives gratis MLA regular membership and MLA annual meeting early-regular-member registration. The search committee for the Music Cataloging Bulletin Editor should include the Chair of the Cataloging and Metadata Committee as a member. (rev. 3/2014) (rev. 5/2015) (rev. 6/2018) (rev. 5/2013; updated 7/2018)