Administrative Handbook



The MLA Newsletter is published sixtimes a year, September–October, November–December, January-February, March–April, May–June, and July-August, and is issued to its members for free. The purpose of the Newsletter is to keep the membership of the Association abreast of events, ideas, and trends related to music librarianship. (rev. 5/2017)


The editor of the MLA Newsletter solicits items for publication and scans library and other relevant literature for additional information that should be brought to the attention of members of the Association. The editor edits all material, prepares copy and oversees printing and distribution. The editor submits three Board reports each year (see section V.A.3.a) plus an Annual Report (see section VI.D.7), and sends copies to the chair of the Publications Committee. The editor serves as a member of MLA’s Publications Committee and as an ex officio member of the Web Committee and receives gratis MLA regular membership and MLA annual meeting early-regular-member registration. (rev. 3/2014) (rev. 6/2018) (rev. 5/2013; updated 7/2018)