Administrative Handbook

INTRODUCTION (added 12/2013)

The Music Library Association (MLA) functions according to the policies and procedures in the MLA Constitution and By-Laws. The Constitution and By-Laws take precedence over this document and all other administrative documents such as committee handbooks, special officer handbooks, etc. should conflicts arise.

The Administrative Handbook documents practices and general procedures for all entities in the MLA Administrative Structure, including the Board, committees, special officers, editors, interest groups, representatives to other organizations, external liaisons, and task forces. It also documents policies and procedures regarding MLA publications, and association-wide policies for MLA chapters.

The Administrative Handbook is maintained and updated by the Board member-at-large serving as Parliamentarian.

MLA maintains separate manuals for fiscal policy, available via login on the MLA site, and conventions. Some MLA committees, special officers, and editors maintain separate handbooks to document their work; these may be found on their pages on the MLA site or may be for their internal use only. The MLA Board maintains a Board Open Meeting Policy and Interest Group Guidelines. (rev. 9/2016)