Administrative Handbook


The Development Officer oversees the development/fund-raising functions of the Association, and works closely with MLA's Board of Directors, Administrative Officer, Business Office, and President to foster a culture of philanthropy that supports fund development and the organization's mission.

The Development Officer is responsible for providing general oversight of all the Association’s fund-raising activities, chairs the Development Committee and monitors its activities, and that of its subcommittees, through coordination with the Board, MLA Business Office, and other appropriate committees. In collaboration with the Board, the Development Officer charts the Association’s course of fund development, and acknowledges all contributions to the Association.

The duration of appointment for the Development Officer is one year, beginning 1 July annually, with reappointment possible for a total of four years. The Board reviews the performance of the Development Officer annually. The President reappoints upon successful review and the desire of the incumbent to continue.

The Development Officer may attend Board meetings at the President’s discretion. (rev. 5/2014)

The Development Officer receives gratis MLA regular membership and MLA annual meeting early-regular-member registration, as well as support for expenses necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the position (telephone, postage, supplies, etc.). (3/2014)