Administrative Handbook


The Advertising Manager is responsible for coordinating the advertising for NOTES and for the MLA website, and for the Annual Meeting print and online programs. In this capacity, the Advertising Manager sells advertising space to current, new, and "lapsed" advertisers through direct mail and telephone campaigns and attendance at conferences; sends notifications to remind advertisers of deadlines for submitting artwork; coordinates the layout for the advertising section in NOTES; compiles the index to advertisers for both NOTES and the print Annual Meeting program; edits proofs of the advertisements and indexes; prepares a billing list for each issue of NOTES and for the MLA website; maintains exchange advertising agreements with other organizations; manages the budget associated with these duties; and carries out related tasks necessary to generate the projected advertising revenue each fiscal year. (rev. 9/2013) (rev. 2/2017) (rev. 6/2018)

The Advertising Manager is also responsible for production of advertisements for the Association's print and online publications.  The Advertising Manager, in coordination with the Publicity & Outreach Officer, distributes artwork when MLA purchases advertising space or uses exchange advertising space to promote its publications. The Advertising Manager is also responsible for the selection of the typesetter, approval of the design in conjunction with the Publicity & Outreach Officer, and editing of the copy. The Advertising Manager works in collaboration with the Publicity & Outreach Officer to plan the artwork needed each year for promotion purposes, and to budget accordingly. (rev. 9/2013)

The Advertising Manager serves as an ex-officio member of the Development Committee. (3/2019)

The Advertising Manager receives gratis MLA regular membership and MLA annual meeting early-regular-member registration. (3/2014)


The following guidelines apply to all forms of advertising, including print, digital, and other formats. Information presented in advertisements must be educational, professional, and of value to the advancement of the mission of the Music Library Association (MLA). The MLA reserves the right to reject or remove any material it regards as unprofessional, inappropriate, or as a promotion of products or services not in the interest of its mission. Not all products or services advertised, advertisers, or claims made in advertisement are endorsed by the MLA. Advertisers assume liability for all content of advertisement submitted and or any claims arising against the MLA as a result of their advertisements. The publisher reserves the right to give a better position than specified in the order without notice at no increase in rates. (added 3/2016)