Administrative Handbook


The Publicity & Outreach Officer promotes the interests and activities of the Association by cultivating an overarching vision of promotion and outreach for MLA, then coordinating and overseeing MLA’s presence, both in person at the Association’s Annual Meeting and other conferences, and through electronic and print venues. The Publicity & Outreach Officer works closely with the chairs of the Awards, Development, Education, Program, Publications, and Web committees, and the MLA Newsletter editor. The Publicity & Outreach Officer is an ex-officio member of the Membership Committee and the Music Library Advocacy Committee. The Publicity & Outreach Officer reports to the President and the Board of Directors and prepares relevant budgets and reports. (rev. 2/2017; rev. 6/2018; rev. 1/2019)

Interests and activities to promote include (but are not limited) to the following:

  • publicize the purposes and activities of MLA
  • announce applications for and results of MLA awards
  • advertise MLA publications
  • publicize future meetings
  • announce official MLA advocacy statements
  • inform about current issues which affect the profession
  • cover worldwide news events concerning music libraries
  • share interesting and entertaining items of musical interest
  • promote music libraries
  • present music librarianship as an attractive career choice.
The Publicity & Outreach Officer coordinates the Association’s organizational liaisons, provides publicity materials for outreach events, and pursues avenues for increasing the Association’s visibility to underrepresented groups. The Publicity & Outreach Officer or the Advertising Manager distributes artwork when MLA purchases advertising space or uses exchange advertising space to promote its publications. Copies of the Association's recruitment brochures are sent to individuals and organizations upon request, or when the Publicity & Outreach Officer thinks it advisable.

The Publicity & Outreach Officer coordinates and oversees MLA’s presence on multiple social media platforms as they are deemed significant and relevant --not only to MLA’s membership, but also to a wider audience outside the Association. The Publicity & Outreach Officer will delegate, monitor and advise the activities of each platform’s working team.

The Publicity & Outreach Officer receives gratis MLA regular membership and MLA annual meeting early-regular-member registration.