Administrative Handbook



The Convention Manager and Assistant Convention Manager are authorized by the President and the Board to coordinate and oversee the planning of national meetings of the Association. The Convention Manager oversees the technical and onsite management of national meetings. For meetings being planned, the Convention Manager serves as liaison among the Program Committee Chair, the Publicity & Outreach officer, the Chair of the Education Committee (if a pre-conference workshop is being planned), the Administrative Officer and the Board. The Convention Manager negotiates with hotels for future meetings, signs contracts (countersigned by the President) to secure accommodations for meeting and sleeping rooms and makes all solicitations and arrangements concerning exhibitors whose publications, products and services are displayed at meetings.

The Convention Manager assists the Program Committee chair in preparing the program proposal and prepares the budget for the national meeting in consultation with the Fiscal Officer, transmitting these to the Board and the Finance Committee respectively. At each annual meeting the Convention Manager reports on recent, current and future national meetings. The Convention Manager maintains relevant documents and statistics, making them available as needed to the Administrative Officer, to the Board and to planning committees, and when appropriate, submits papers and correspondence and convention material from the registration packets to the MLA Archives. Intended to serve both as historical records of conventions and as aids to future convention committees, such documents and statistics include:
  1. Convention Manager's manual.
  2. Manual for the MLA Program Committee chair, to be sent to these officers when they are newly appointed, with encouragement to suggest revisions that will be helpful to their successors.
  3. Financial reports submitted following the conference by each convention's budget officer.
  4. Statistics of numbers of paid registrants for workshops and the meeting itself, hotel sleeping rooms reserved, banquet registrants and number of exhibitors, to be sent to newly appointed Program Committee chair.
  5. Others that are deemed appropriate. (rev. 3/2016)


The Convention Manager receives an honorarium.  The Convention Manager and Assistant Convention Manager receive gratis MLA regular membership, MLA annual meeting early-regular-member registration, and are reimbursed for expenditures incurred in connection with MLA convention business, including transportation, lodging, and a per diem for meals (up to half of the rate set by the US General Services Administration). Reimbursement is limited to those expenses not covered by the person’s own institutions. Requests for reimbursement accompanied by receipts are submitted to the Administrative Officer. (rev. 4/2009) (rev. 3/2014)


A refund of conference registration fees (including pre-conference workshops) is issued at the discretion of the Convention Manager and only for emergency situations. Refunds will not be given for unused banquet tickets, if applicable. If a refund request is approved, 20% of the conference registration fees will be deducted and retained by MLA to cover transaction costs and initial expenses. Tours and concert ticket refunds are dependent on the policies of the third-party providers. This policy supersedes all former policies concerning refunds of conference registration fees. Refund requests must be submitted in writing by the last day of the meeting; MLA will respond to refund requests no later than 30 days after the end of the event. (3/16; rev. 4/2018)