Committees: Music Library Advocacy


This committee supports both individual and Association-wide efforts to promote music library resources, advocate for our users, and communicate the value of staff expertise.

The Music Library Advocacy Committee

  • Maintains an online clearinghouse of user-submitted advocacy resources
  • Supports the Newsletter Editor in managing the online Advocacy Forum
  • Creates new materials, subject to Board approval, that convey MLA’s positions on advocacy topics (e.g. a brochure on “Why we need music librarians”)
  • Collaborates with other MLA committees and groups to develop resources supporting music library advocacy (e.g. Education Committee, for advocacy training; Web Committee, for online advocacy resources; committees and roundtables representing various types of music libraries, to help address specific advocacy needs)
  • Acts as a resource and sounding board for MLA leadership when the opportunity arises for official responses to advocacy-related issues
  • Works with outside organizations that have an interest in music library advocacy.  The Chair of the Music Library Advocacy Committee serves as a liaison to IAML’s Advocacy Committee (IAML membership is encouraged but not required)


The Music Library Advocacy Committee consists of two ex officio members (the Newsletter Editor and the Publicity and Outreach Officer) and four to six appointed members.  One of the appointed members serves as Chair.  As much as possible, committee membership should reflect the breadth of music library types represented in MLA as a whole.

All members serve four-year terms. However, in order to establish continuity in the committee, initial terms will be staggered, with two members serving a two-year term, two serving a three-year term, and two (including the chair) serving a four-year term.

[Note: normally MLA committee terms start and end at the end of an annual meeting. To facilitate the new committee's work, appointments marked as 2019 actually started in October 2018, and will continue until the end of the annual MLA meeting for the given end year. Future appointments will start and end at the end of MLA's annual meeting, as per usual practice.]

A Note

This committee supersedes the Music Library Advocacy Task Force. See the Music Library Advocacy Task Force Final Report (PDF).

Chair, 2019-2023
Linda B. Fairtile
Member, 2019-2021
Steve Landstreet
Member, 2019-2021
Laura B. Thompson
Member, 2019-2022
Amy J. Hunsaker
Member, 2019-2022
Casey A. Mullin
Member, 2019-2023
Stephanie Bonjack


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