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The Diversity Committee will work to advance the organization’s efforts in diversity by encouraging the participation of groups historically underrepresented in music librarianship; including, but not limited to: African Americans, Asian Americans, Latin Americans and Native Americans. The committee will advocate for the recruitment, retention and advancement of members of these groups in MLA and in the profession. Activities will include advising the organization on issues of diversity, monitoring the organization’s efforts in this area, and supporting activities, events and initiatives advancing diversity in MLA. The Chair will also serve ex officio on the Development Committee’s Subcommittee on Diversity Scholarships, the Membership Committee, and the Career Development and Services Committee.

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Z. Sylvia Yang, Sara D. Outhier, Nurhak Tuncer, Ellen Ogihara, Callie Holmes

Chair, 2020-2024
Callie Holmes
Member, 2017-2021
Misti Shaw
Member, 2018-2022
Winston Barham
Member, 2018-2022
Terra L. Merkey
Member, 2018-2022
Sara D. Outhier
Member, 2018-2022
Z. Sylvia Yang
Member, 2019-2023
Zachary L. Tumlin
Member, 2019-2023
Nurhak Tuncer
Member, 2020-2024
Ellen Ogihara
Member, ex-officio
Mallory Sajewski



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