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Archival Description of Notated Music

A Supplement to Describing Archives: A Content Standard

The Archives and Special Collections Committee's Working Group for Archival Description of Music Materials has issued the first draft of its supplement to DACS. We are eager to hear your thoughts on this important work that bridges content standards for archival materials and descriptive needs of music collections. You can download the draft document here. The survey tool for comments on this important work is accessible through this link, which is also on the first page of the pdf document. For better viewing we recommend you use Chrome, Opera, or Internet Explorer. Firefox users have reported problems with the formatting.



The Archives and Special Collections Committee identifies the concerns and interests of music librarians responsible for archives and special collections; advises the MLA membership on best practices for archival appraisal, acquisitions, processing, arrangement, description, preservation, and access; and provides a forum for information exchange and discussion among music archivists and librarians.


Committee Handbook

Archival Resources for Music Librarians 

Working Group for Description of Archival Music Materials

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