Liaisons: Organizational Liaisons


Organizational Liaisons keep an open line of communication between MLA and like organizations.  These liaisons identify opportunities for collaborations with like organizations and communicate these opportunities with the MLA Publicity & Outreach Coordinator and the MLA membership.

Recently Updated Profiles
Nobue Matsuoka, Nicholas Patterson, George Boziwick, Misti Shaw, Lisa Shiota

ALA Dance Librarians Liaison
Kathleen Haefliger
ARLIS/NA Liaison
Alyssa G. Resnick
ARSC Liaison
Wendy A. Sistrunk
CAML Liaison
Lisa R. Philpott
Chamber Music America Liaison
George Boziwick
Coordinator, 2018-2022
Lisa Shiota
ISMIR Liaison
Nicholas Patterson
MLA-Japan Liaison
Nobue Matsuoka
MOUG Liaison
Jennifer L. Vaughn
OLAC Liaison
Mary L. Huismann
Percussive Arts Society Liaison
Misti Shaw
Public Library Association Liaison
Kristine E. Nelsen
Public Radio Liaison
Thomas Pease
Society for American Music (SAM) Liaison
Sandi-Jo Malmon
Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM) Liaison
Alec McLane
Society for Seventeenth-Century Music SSCM Liaison
Darwin F. Scott



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