Liaisons: CMC Liaisons and Representatives


Members of MLA's Cataloging and Metadata Committee bring a voice to music library and music user needs by assisting in the creation of vision and policy on the national level:



Rare Books and Manuscripts Section-Music Library Association Joint Committee on Early Printed Music

Joint task force of RBMS and MLA, working on Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials (Music) (DCRM(M)).



Authority Control Interest Group (ACIG)

Interest group including discussions and presentations related to authority control of library resources.

Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access (CC:DA)

Committee which discusses and approves RDA proposals from constituents of the American Library Association. Approved RDA proposals are presented to the JSC (Joint Steering Committee) by the ALA representative to the JSC.

MARC Advisory Committee (MAC)

Committee which discusses and approves proposals for revision of the MARC formats. MLA is a voting member.

Metadata Interest Group (MIG)

Interest group focusing on review of metadata standards and dissemination of current developments related to metadata standards.

Metadata Standards Committee (MSC)

Committee which plays a role in creation and development of metadata standards.

Subject Analysis Committee (SAC)

Committee focusing on subject and genre/form analysis of library resources.

Subcommittee on Genre/Form Implementation (SAC-SGFI)

Subcommittee of SAC, focusing on development of genre/form and related vocabularies.


Online Audiovisual Catalogers Cataloging Policy Committee (OLAC-CAPC)

Cataloging policy committee of OLAC.



BIBCO Music Funnel Coordinator

PCC funnel for contributing music bibliographic records.

NACO-Music Project Coordinator

PCC funnel for contributing music authority records records.

SACO Music Funnel Coordinator

PCC funnel for contributing music subject, genre, and medium authority records records.


JSC Music Working Group (JMWG)

Working Group convened by the JSC (Joint Steering Committee for the Development of RDA) to study problems and propose RDA revisions related to music materials. Includes representatives from MLA, CAML (Canadian Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres), the Library of Congress, and EURIG (European RDA Interest Group).

Recently Updated Profiles
Linda W. Blair, Christopher D. Holden, Kevin S. Kishimoto, Rebecca Belford, Jean Harden

ALA, ALCTS Metadata Interest Group (NRMIG)
James L. Soe Nyun
ALA, ALCTS, CaMMS, Subject Analysis Committee
Rebecca Belford
ALA/ALCTS/CaMMS Cmte on Catg: Descriptive & Access
Tracey L. Snyder
ALA/ALCTS/CaMMS/LITA Authority Cntrl Interst Group
Tracey L. Snyder
ALA/LC MARC Advisory Committee (MAC)
James L. Soe Nyun
ALA/SAC Subcommittee on Genre/Form Implementation
Rebecca Belford
ALCTS/LITA Metadata Standards Committee (MSC)
James L. Soe Nyun
BIBCO Music Funnel Coordinator
Linda W. Blair
Linda W. Blair
Joint Steering Committee Music Working Group
Jean Harden
Joint Steering Committee Music Working Group
Kevin S. Kishimoto
Joint Steering Committee Music Working Group
Raymond T. Schmidt
Joint Steering Committee Music Working Group
Tracey L. Snyder
NACO Music Funnel Coordinator
Mark V. Scharff
Online AV Catalogers (OLAC), Catg Policy Cmte CAPC
Tracey L. Snyder



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