Committees: Career Development & Services


The Career Development and Services Committee exists to provide ongoing programs that assist music librarians to secure suitable and relevant employment and to establish and maintain viable and meaningful career paths. The membership of the Committee seeks to provide experienced and unbiased mentoring and counsel on matters pertaining to career development and workplace dynamics. In addition, the Committee monitors developments in personnel-related areas and seeks to provide guidance through individualized counseling and, as deemed beneficial, sponsor or provide relevant Conference programming.

Special Projects

Résumé & Cover Letter Review Service

Career Advisory Service

Conference Mentoring Program

Committee Handbook

Career Development & Services Committee Handbook
Chair, 2015-2019
Ana Dubnjakovic
Conference Mentor Coordinator
Suzanne E. Lovejoy
Member (MLStEP)
Mallory Sajewski
Member, 2015-2019
Stephanie Lewin-Lane
Member, 2016-2020
Patrick A. Fulton
Member, 2016-2020
Leslie C. McCall
Member, 2017-2021
Catherine Hammer
Member, 2017-2021
Shelley L. Rogers
Member, 2018-2022
Jessica M. Abbazio
Member, 2018-2022
Melanie B. Cutietta
Member, 2018-2022
Janneka Guise
Member, 2018-2022
Lisa Hooper
Member, ex-officio
Brendan Higgins
Member, ex-officio
Sara D. Outhier
Member, ex-officio
Jonathan J. Sauceda
Member, ex-officio
Timothy Sestrick
Member, ex-officio, 2018-2020
Joy M. Doan


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