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The Instruction Subcommittee of the Public Services Committee collects and facilitates the exchange of information concerning library and instruction programs in the area of music. As such, the Instruction Subcommittee develops tools, workshops and presentations which increase awareness of, interest in, and skill at music instruction in libraries and music bibliography, provides a link between the general library program and the specialized music instruction program, and provides a source to which interested music librarians may apply for information about existing techniques and programs for assistance and guidance in developing new programs or expanding current instruction offerings. The Instruction Subcommittee acts as advocate for information literacy, critical thinking and library skills embedded in music programs.

Committee Handbook

Instruction Subcommittee Handbook
Chair, 2019-2023
Angela L. Pratesi
Member, 2017-2021
Veronica A. Wells
Member, 2017-2021
Rachel Wishkoski
Member, 2018-2022
Grace A. Haynes
Member, 2019-2023
Peter Williams
Member, 2019-2023
Lisa M. Wollenberg
Member, 2019-2023
Z. Sylvia Yang
Member, 2020-2024
Andrea Copland


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